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Advice on circumcision healing 1 week (pic added)

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I had my circumcision on the 3/9/18 So it's been 7 days today, I had to have it done due to snapping my frenulem years ago which resulted in scarring & over the past 6 months my sex life became uncomfortable due to the scarred flesh getting tight and therefore my foreskin also became tight. I can't fault the hospital staff for their help but they didn't really give me much info when I got sent home. The dressing came off within hours so I redressed it & took plenty of painkillers. After 48 hrs I began to clean it with salty water & then let it air dry, redressed it occasionally. I went to visit my nurse on Thursday to make sure it wasn't infected & she said it was fine but gave me another sick note for an extra week as my job requires me to be in & out of a van all day. When I cleaned it last night i touched something by my frenulem area & the pain was absolutely unbelievable! I'm just curious as to why I'm still struggling with pain & uncomfortable feelings & also whether you guys thinks it looks a bad job? I feel pretty down too as I'm at home & have 2 very young sons who I can't play with as I'm so uncomfortable.

It's cold today by the way hence why my scrotum looks like a walnut πŸ˜‚

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Thank you NOWHARD,

I was a little worried as the first 3 days felt pretty good considering what's involved but as time went on it started to feel more painful & uncomfortable. I also think as some of the stitches have gone hard that they may be helping towards the uncomfortable feeling. I'm also in that horrible position now of actually being afraid to touch it when cleaning in case it stings again such was the severity of the pain last night! Night erections are a nightmare too! There is some congielled blood underneath next to the frenulem which I think has clotted around a stitch. I know it will all be over in 6 weeks but it seems like such a long time away right now! So it's not too bad looking in your opinion then?


Allow time and apply ointment as prescribed, hopefully everything will be ok

I had a decent soak in the bath this evening and used a cotton bud on the clots and broke them down a bit, seems to look better but I still worry it's going to be bad again tomorrow. Will continue with the salt baths as that seems to be the best healing method. Also a nurse friend gave me some inadine dressings to use so will give them a go too.


Hi walnut scrotum πŸ˜‚,

The healing looks like it’s going well, it will look a mess for about 2 weeks before it starts to look semi normal again.

It looks like a very neat cut, the frenulum area always takes longer to heal for some reason.

Just keep applying ice to the area several times a day to help with the swelling and keep it as clean as possible.

I found after a week soaking the area in a sea salt water solution to speed up recovery and also drinking green tea gives your immune system a boost.

May not work for everyone but it worked for me.

Where did you get your circumcision done?

M4rr15 in reply to Hidden

Lol, thanks for the advice, I had it done at Derriford hospital in Plymouth (UK)

I guess despite it being called a minor op it's in such a delicate place! I'm definitely going to keep up with the salt baths & the ice application is a great tip, really soothes the area. Last night was particularly bad though, had erections approx every hour which woke me up & were more painful than others I've had so far. It just seems like so far away from being healed that's all 😞

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