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Day 3


Hi guys i got circumcised 3 days ago. surprisingly i didnt have any pain tho in this 3 days i was bleeding abit in the few first hours after the op and then it stopped. erections doesnt really hurt much just burn abit but it doesnt bother me. its hard to sleep at night cuz its really uncomfortable tho. soo i wake up like every 1 hour. i got my bandages off yesterday and started to washing the place 2 times a day with soup its fine and doesnt hurt. after i was the place i put chloramphenicol on the stitches.

im really worried tho about the looks of my penis. from the front it looks perferct i just have like a bruise around the penis but its in the bottom and it doesnt hurt and looking better now. but at the back if the penis it doesnt look soo good. the area near the frenulum (didnt got it removed) looks not soo best looks bruised and swallowed (the frenulum it self too) . I got normal circumcision not low tight or high right just normal (saw a pic on google of the meanings). i cant really put on any tight close i walk nude like 24/7 but the look of the penis realy terifie me lol. im happy that i dont feel any pain tho and erections doesnt hurt tho but i wish thos bruise will be gone the look really scary.

do u have any tips for me?

btw i saw alot of guys removed their frenulum with the circumcision but my doc didnt. is it a problem or its fine? if any one want photos tho i can send i private massage if there is an option here (new in the forum)

im 20 years old btw

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It will probably take months before things really settle down. Don't panic too much and focus on letting things heal.

The frenulum is highly innervated, so retention of the frenulum is desirable because it preserves sensation.

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