Ejacuation without force

I am 34 male. Sexually active, have a very high sex drive and I masturbate about 2 times a day. Recently I have noticed that when I masturbate the semen comes out without force. I can feel that the semen is collected at the valve and takes few seconds to come out of my penis and when it comes out there is no force, it just drops. Now I stopped masturbatimg.

I would like to know if I should be concerned about this condition also want to know if I need to see a doctor about this.


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  • I think there is no such theory that always sperm has to come out in a sprinkling manner. Probably generation and accumulation of sperm gets less time for your masturbating twice a day . So nothing to worry ..it seems

  • Thanks for your response. May be I will give it some time.

  • Thanks for your response again. So you think it not a problem at all. So you think my reproductive system is healthy and no issues with it? You think its not a block by the valve and it's just a little more time taken for generation and accumulation of sperm?

    Thanks in advance, for your comments.

  • I have the same experience. At 37, suddenly a big change in the force of ejaculation. Takes away some of the joy of climaxing. I have wondered if it has anything to do with the prostate, but have not had the courage to visit a doctor about this.

  • So that condition has gone? Or you still have that? If it's gone, want to know if you have taken any special care. Thanks.

  • Sadly - it has not gone away :( I think it is a little bit better than at first, but not much really. I still enjoy sex so I am not that worried, but miss the more powerfull ejaculations. Like I said - I have not had the curage to ask my doctor about this... :(

  • Ok. I understand that it would be a little difficult to talk to a doctor about this. How long did you had this condition? Few days? Weeks? Months or years?

    I, personally me, stopped masturbating, want to let the system relax for a bit... Also doing some exercise to strengthen the muscles that actually squeezes the semen out of the penis. I want to go see a doctor If my condition continues, coming out of this condition is more important to me than feeling shy to talk to a doctor.

  • It has been bothering me for almost 2 years now... I don´t think I feel a differance if I have sex often/seldom, so don´t think you have to "protect" yourself. Maybe if you are successfull, you can share your experinces/solution later :)

  • Good to know. Yes, I will share if I am successful in getting out of this. Thanks.

  • Hey buddy, see my comment all the way at the end... changing few things in your lifestyle might help. Please send me a message if you have more questions. Thanks.

  • Hey mate. Sometimes when i ejaculate it doesnt travel very far if that makes sense. Occasionally, some semem comes out but i can still feel theres more right at the top of my dick but it doesnt come out. I dont get these things very often but i have had them bud. Like you, i also have a high sexdrive: when i was a teen, sometimes id masturbate up to 6 times a day but every time, there was always less. This is an adult site so everything im sayin is with respect, not a joke. Do you feel a bit less of a man because of this prob? Im only asking cos worryin bout it could make it worse. Im not a doctor, what i will say is dont stop masturbating just cos ye worried but it wouldnt hurt to see ye dr about it if ye that concerned mate. Theyve seen it all b4 n i know it can be embaressing but if ye get ye best buddy looked at, it could very well be nothing n you might find the less worry, the better it might get. If ye dr thinks its something else and by that i dont mean mega serious, he could refer you n youll get to the bottom of it mate. If u wana chat further, by all means let me know. I know us guys find these types of things difficult to talk about but the offers there if u need it. All the best mate Toby,

  • Thanks for your response. I don't really feel bit less of a man but wanted to know if have hurt my self, i mean... i want to know if I've hurt my prostate or the valve or something else... Or if it's just nothing. As many of you say it's just a normal thing... i will just give it some time. Yes.... I will not stop masturbating.... It's a man thing.... i will let you know how I feel after few days. Cheers!

  • I'm amazed at this post. I have got a clue how much force my ejaculate has and would certainly never worry about it. Some people get retrograde ejaculation with the semen going backwards into the bladder. This is especially common after prostate surgery. There is no treatment and it doesn't indicate any other problem or disease

  • Thanks for your response. Yes I read about retrograde ejacuation, I haven't had a prostate surgery, i am not sure if my semen is going back into the bladder,a good volume of semen comes out.... But it takes few fraction of seconds to come out and before ejacuation I could feel that the semen is getting collected inside.

  • Get a PSA test and a rectal exam of your prostate - you guys are probably too young for prostate enlargement, but get it checked anyway !

  • Yes, I will give it some time and will go see a doctor if my condition doesn't go away. thankyou.

  • In the uk psa testing is not recommended for men under the age of 50. Similarly rectal examination is not appropriate with this history.

  • People can get dementia under 50, so odd low age results do occurr - neither test is especially harmful or even risky - and even tests which just positively eliminate something are useful. You are probably right - but would you personally take the risk of rejecting a harmless test ?

  • Well actually it can be harmful as 75% of abnormal tests are not associated with cancer, but may result in further investigation such as prostate biopsy, which may cause harm and worry. In addition the test may give false reassurance when cancer is present . For these reasons it is not recommended as a screening test and not for the under 50s


    There is a significant risk of problems following prostate biopsy, including death


  • Its a balance, like many tests to eliminate a possibility - there are indeed pros and cons, like we face with every pill we take, every X-ray we have, every CT scan we have. I give only a personal view having had more tests done in the last 12 months than my entire previous years.

    The O.P. will have to decide, guided by his G.P.

  • I have given the uk national guidelines which state this on the basis of the research to date.

  • i have PSA test every 6 months and i'm 44

  • Everything will happen naturally. Don't worry at all

  • Hi AB,

    I have not read all 13 replies word-for-word, but it does seem that no one has suggested pre-ejaculate (often called precum).

    When we are sexually aroused in any way and for any reason, sometimes the penis may secrete a fluid which "just drops" as you described. This has often happened to me; and in my case it's not always apparent until I stand up and move about with my pants damp between my legs... do you see?

    Precum may contain some useless sperm living a very short life. It's all part of the way we are made in nature's grand design - whether we understand it or not.


  • Whatever happened to talking to your doctor? It's not like you (meaning any guy) are the first person to have a "delicate" problem. They have heard it all before and are the best qualified to advise on addressing the issue. No, not all of their advice will necessarily work like magic, but they are the best equipped to give it.

  • Yes, I understand. Thanks for your response.

  • I feel a bit relaxed now..... I had a happy masturbation today. After reading a lot on the internet about my condition and after taking few things from your responses i basically have changed few things in my lifestyle.... 1)started drinking more water 2) did not masturbate/ejacuate for 3 days 3) started doing kegel exercise...... I don't know which of these helped but my ejacuation is almost back to normal. All happies. thanks everyone.

  • Masturbating regular ( twice a day ) may harmful for health

    try to do regular exercise and eat health food if this will not work you need to get a doctor for consulting

    and don't worry this is curable

  • masturbating will not harm your health no matter how many times a day you do it.

  • Simply absurd concept,that health will not spoil.surely it will affect after few years.

  • It's very easy and all too common for well-meaners to dismiss things like this as "everybody is different", or "it's psychological" or "you're just getting old", heard them all.

    What you haven't said is whether it has always been like that or is it a big change that you have noticed.

    If it has always been like that then I would agree, everyone is different, don't use porn films as your benchmark.

    However, if it is something that has changed then I would seek the advice of your doctor.

    My story (sorry no happy ending - pun not intended)

    I used to have very enjoyable, explosive, spurty orgasms. Couldn't hit the ceiling but quantity and spurt were satisfactory.

    And then one day I noticed that my frenulum had got very short - seemed to happen overnight, didn't notice it happening over time, just one day it was there. Didn't change quantity or spurt but made erections a little painful.

    After months of hoping it would just get better I sought medical advice and to cut to the chase they did a frenuloplasty (a Z shaped cut in the frenulum to lengthen it). After recovery time I noticed two things

    1 - it made no difference, frenulum was still short but now a mass of scar tissue

    2 - my sexual responses had changed drastically, and instantly, like a switch being flicked.

    So since the failed frenuloplasty I find it harder to get an erection. I can get one but it takes time. No longer get instant stiffies from looking at the wife or porn. When I have sex, or masturbate, the sensation feels quite remote. When I orgasm it is not satisfying, not explosive, a bit like a ruined-orgasm. And then there is the spurt volume and distance. It no longer gets airborne, the quantity ranges from hardly there to pretty small, the ejaculate is normally delayed a few seconds after the orgasm and then it just beads or dribbles out.

    I have asked the doctor and all I get is it's psychological - are you stressed at work, you are, that's great that'll be the cause then. If not that then it is because I am getting older.

    Don't buy that for one minute, there was a step change and in my case, the failed frenuloplasty was immediately before that step change. As for getting older, I'm sure there is a lot of truth in that but that would happen gradually surely, not overnight.



  • There is no theory or research to show that force is of any importance.

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