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STD Herpes questions


Hello! I am in my late 20's, and have started dating after a 5 year relationship. I went out with a woman last night. We had great chemistry, and a pretty good time having drinks. Well, we went back to her place and had sex. I had a condom on, and it was removed half way through intercourse. The next morning, I recieve a text from her saying "I forgot to tell you, I have herpes!" with this long ass explanation that I really dont care for. She has been infected for 12 years, and hasnt had a breakout in over 5 years. She is on antiviral medication daily, and she has tried to assure me that I most likely will not contract the infection. She has shown great sorrow and remorse for not notifying me last night, and putting me at risk. I am her first sexual partner (as she says) since February and claims she forgot to tell me last night. Well. It's the next day, and I am having pretty severe anxiety. She did not have an active breakout as I could personally see, and I am really fucking scared that I may have contracted this. Not only was this her fault, but my fault for even trusting a person after a first date. I understand the logistics and what I should have done differently. Are my transmission risks relatively low given the circumstances?

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Search google if herpes is contaminable through sex. If not relax

SgtRRT in reply to Hidden

You're kidding me.... right?

Antdestroyer1 in reply to SgtRRT

This guy probably thinks it's the herpes you get on your lips lol. If you contract it, I think you'd have one of the symptoms pop up. If you're worried, get tested in a clinic

This is a very good source of information look it up and take proper measures to avoid further problems.

If she did not have an outbreak chill, get tested every 6 months but unless she was having an outbreak and you came in contact with that outbreak you are good.

She is contagious regardless of absence of an outbreak. Even a condom does not guarantee protection as the virus can be on her skin, free to transfer to your skin.

As long as she wasn’t on an outbreak you’ll be fine. Don’t stress too much. I would kick her to the curb for telling you after the fact.

So far so clear!

allstar1979 in reply to SgtRRT

How’s it looking?

SgtRRT in reply to allstar1979

No symptoms. No sores. Getting tested anyways and hoping it is all clear. The girl tried to guilt trip me into another date LOL! Not a chance.

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