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Orgasm only in one position


Hi, I kinda have problem with my orgasm. I love sex and everything about it, everyone love I guess, but I have sex every second day and I masturbate when I don't have sex. The thing is when I masturbate I find that if I lie down on the bed, cross my legs and squeeze leg muscles I can finish faster. After many years doing that I can't get orgasm in any other position only when I cross my legs and squeeze muscles ...I can go fo hours and no orgasm. It's more like bad habit but now I can't change it. Is there anything I could do or try ? Any advice?

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I am speaking with limited (no) medical view on this but I suspect it is psychosomatic (in your mind). You are thinking too much about it and putting stress on yourself to orgasm ‘normally’. To be clear, there is no normal way to orgasm! You need to try and relax and not over-think it.

Sex should be about more than your orgasm. Your not coming can be a very good and enjoyable thing for both you and your partner (if they enjoy sex). It means you can have a lot more sex. Don't sweat it! :)

RayDeg in reply to beardy_chris

I know that, and my partners like that , but many times I can't cum , because we are not in the bed or on the floor if you understand what I mean , and there is no chance for quickie for me

I can not achieve orgazam either it's so frustrating

Have you tried withholding from sex and masturbation for a few days, maybe a week. Then try a new position ?

Tam_user in reply to jaglad

Good idea.

RayDeg in reply to jaglad

That's what I'm trying now, even if I have sex I'm not cuming , just try new things and poses. So far I can cum in other position but still have to squeeze my muscles, but I think it will take time....

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