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Sex Advice after Circumcision

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Hey guys, so after Circumcision, I was circumcised 9 weeks ago. When I was uncircumcised I was able to masturbate and ejaculate within minutes if I wanted, however since recovery and beginning tk recover, firstly I am so much less sexually frustrated, so much so that I can actually go a whole week without wanting to masturbate which has its pros but to be that sexually neutral is worrisome for me.

Masturbating takes longer too, sometimes even 30-40 minutes, is this normal?

During sex as well, I am unable to climax, I don't have that urge to ejaculate, I become sexually frustrated because I haven't come near ejaculating to the way I do when I masturbate solo.

Can anyone offer advice on this please on what I can do.

How long before I am back to how I was before I was circumcised?

I appreciate all your guys help.

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6 months? That is a very long time wow, is that general advice or are you speaking from experience?

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Skertchly in reply to AyJay94

In my case this is correct

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AyJay94 in reply to Skertchly

How long did it take for you?

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Skertchly in reply to AyJay94

20 weeks but I’m 72 yrs with diabetes

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AyJay94 in reply to Skertchly

so guess I am 11 weeks away, before I can start panicking lol

Hey, I guess I can take the positive aspect of it and just be an athlete in the sheets lol but still worried about how long it is taking.

After 9 weeks you still got quite a bit of healing. I’ve been circumcised for a year and compared to uncircumcised mastubating without foreskin does take a lot longer to climax mostly. I’d definitely give it a lot more time as it took me a good few months until things were pretty much normal

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AyJay94 in reply to welshmk

If it still takes you ages to climax after a year later, how have things gone back to normal?

I am just getting tired of it

You have had more than 1/2 of your penile sexually-sensitive erogenous tissue removed. Things are not going to get back to where they were. Your doctor should have advised you of this before you granted consent for your circumcision.

You will probably find it helpful to use lubrication when you masturbate to overcome your handicap of not having a foreskin.


Foreskin-deprived males who try to masturbate without lubrication are likely to suffer friction irritation and pain.

The best lubrication for masturbation is the human foreskin. The highly innervated, erogenous, internally-lubricated foreskin is secured only at each extremity and is not attached to the underlying shaft of the penis. It is internally lubrication with lymphatic fluid and glides up and down the shaft of the penis without friction. The foreskin is filled with pleasure nerves that are stimulated by motion. This makes it ideal for masturbation.

Foreskinned males usually do not need additional lubrication.

Circumcision de-foreskins the penis, shortens the available skin and makes the residual skin taut and immovable. Nineteenth Century doctors thought that would make masturbation impossible. It did not actually make it impossible but it made it harder to do and less fun.

Circumcised guys who try to masturbate without lubrication are likely to experience friction irritation and pain.

If you don’t have a foreskin, then you probably will need external lubrication to compensate for the loss of your foreskin. You will need to learn to slide your hand up and down the shaft. Some males purchase a personal lubricant, which is designed to provide lubricant for sexual intercourse. Others may use petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline (which is greasy), baby oil, vegetable oil, or saliva. Some foreskinned males also like to use lubrication, although it is not strictly necessary.

Products with harsh and irritating chemicals should be avoided. Shampoo and body wash have been reported to cause irritation.

Soapy water dries out the natural oils so it should be avoided as a lubricant. It should be used only for emergency masturbation.

You may need more lubrication when you have sex to ease penetration, because your gliding action has been destroyed.

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jimfromcalif in reply to Bucky85

I wrote my response before reading yours. I fully concur.

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AyJay94 in reply to Bucky85

I understand how lubrication is needed nowband wasn't needed before, my question is my anxiety with how less sexually inclined I have become, and the time it is taking me to climax.

I also am unsure of how long it will take for my penis to return to normal with how sexually inclined I am and how long before I get used to the sensations I feel when being stimulated

Dude, you lost more than half of your nerves which impart sexual pleasure. Most won’t come back. If your circumcision took all if your inner foreskin, the nerves are gone. Your doctor should have disclosed this to you.

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AyJay94 in reply to jimfromcalif

I actually didn't get told any of this tbh, so how does the exposed forehead constantly rubbing against my boxers make sensation last? Surely it is decreasing the sensitivity the entire time right?

So what benefits are there sexually from being circumcised?

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Bucky85 in reply to AyJay94

Yes. the head rubbing against your boxers is not helping.

Circumcision does not provide sexual benefits. It does the opposite. Sexual function is harmed by circumcision.

When a deformed prepuce is amputated, it can make sex better than before for that patient, but it cannot be as good as it would be with a normal foreskin.

Why did you elect to have yourself circumcised?

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jimfromcalif in reply to AyJay94

It’s a process called keritinization. Your glans is covered with mucosa, the same as the other accessible orifices in your body. It is meant to function as an internal body part, hence the presence of the foreskin which is lined with mucosa. When mucosa is exposed as in circumcision, the sensitive mucosa reacts by growing extra layers of tissue, much in the manner of getting callouses fingers from playing the guitar. The penile mucosa is also richly endowed with erogenous nerves, meaning they impart sexual satisfaction when stimulated. During circumcision, much of that mucosa is remove along with those important nerves. If your cut line is close to the groove behind the glans, lost nearly all of your foreskin nerves. In addition, many surgeons also cut off the frenulum, the banjo string, which works as a trigger for orgasm. The nerves remaining in the glans become insulated against stimulation by the keritinization process.

The only remedy for partial restoration of sensitivity is foreskin restoration I cannot cite a single known benefit of circumcion in anyone not afflicted with foreskin cancer.

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AyJay94 in reply to jimfromcalif

well that isn't even helpful at all, surely it isn't that bad of a situation since countless men have sex and masturbate with ease, so clearly there is some sensation that help people ejaculate within a couple minutes so your comment is just random knowledge that doesn't sound realistic when applied to the masses

How was your circumcision journey? And how is it now?

you've dodged a bullet there bro

Actually, I’ve told you what real circumcised men report. Go to and to read testimonies of men. The truth is that many circumcised man lose the ability to experience orgasm because the loss is so profound. As for the masses, 70% of males have intact foreskins.

I have lost all sexual drive since circumcision. It was a noticeable change even for a 70 year old

HI AyJay94, I had just finished reading your post. How are you now? hope you feel better.

Personally, I had intercourse on the third week but did not ejaculate, it does take a longer time than before cc continued and once it healed completely, it all came to be normal. one thing though, sex doesn't feel as wonderful as before cc. Used to masturbate after sex, and everyday had to have some. now weeks pass by and don't feel I need to.

I like being cut but I sure enjoyed more sex when I wasn't.

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