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Please need help: bad pains in lower abdominal/back/testicles(mostly right) please help

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Hello guys so I’ve been having these lower abdominal pains for about 2 years now and soon I’ve gotten back pains mostly lower and testicle pains mostly right. I recently went to get a endoscopy and colonoscopy and it showed nothing was wrong which amazed me cuz I was suffering with so much pain. I really don’t know what to do now cuz the pains are still there. Please help. Things that cause the pains and other pains: bloating/ unable to hold in pee for long/ frequent peeing before bed/ drinking a lot of water helps but not fix/ lower abdomen pain mostly right side. when stretching it and pressing it hurts. Please help in desperate need.

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Bothers me when I train at the gym. Sometimes when I urinate I recieve testicle discomfort. I don’t know what’s up I’m only 18 if that helps. Please need help

I literally can not work out abdomen anymore. I get tenderness and in the lower abdomen including middle over bladder. It doesn’t hurt when I pee so I’m not sure if I have an infection. Please someone help me

Tight pants around the lower abdomen really bothers it

There is not much we can do here on the forums other than telling you to see a doctor. You might need some general tests to possibly figure out what could be wrong.

Could be appendix, could be kidneys, could be some "stuck nerve" or some other kind of nerve damage, urinary infection, difficult to say. These are forums and not examination rooms.

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A stuck nerve?

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Yes, it is always a possibility if the doctors fail to spot something in the place where it hurts, it can originate somewhere else. Anyway, right side of abdomen, have you had your appendix checked? Then again I guess that would show on endo/colo. As I said, I am not a doctor, and only proper testing can figure out what your issues might be. Has the doc that performed the endo and colo suggested other possible reasons so that you can follow up on that?

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Not yet have to speak to her about the biopsies she took and maybe she will suggest something

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What doctor do u recommend seeing

I recommend that you see a consulting urologist for an examination of your urinary tract.

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