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Orgasm suddenly less intense since a week or so

So I've had quite a lot of trouble recently. Went to the doctor and he thought I had prostatitis or something similar. Weird because there were no bacteria found in my urine. Now I've had a lot of complaints such as: Pain in groin, weird pain in glans penis, pain in lower back, hip, pain with urinating etc.

I went to a pelvic floor muscle physiotherapist (don't actually the right word for that in English) and she came to the conclusion I have a hypertonic pelvic floor. So that explains most pains.

Now I'm going to start this Monday with exercises. But also since a week I have less feeling when I have an orgasm. The feeling is just way less, it's declined and the orgasm also lasts way shorter. It's just not the climax anymore that I always had.

My question is: is this also related to the hypertonic pelvic floor muscles? I can't actually find anything about this weird problem. Some sites vaguely refer to this problem as "likely" to occur because of this problem. Or might it be because I just masturbate a little to much (daily)? Or because of stress/anxiety (I have been really stressed and kinda depressed with these problems because I didn't know what it could be)?

I'm 23, virgin and that's why I'm the most concerned about this. If it stays like this I might as well give up on finding a girl, because why should I have sex if it doesn't even feel "rewarding".. I know a relationship is't all about sex, but it's a big deal for me since I'm a 23 year old virgin.

Anyway, I hope someone can help me out with this. If it's because of the hypertonic pelvic floor, it'll explain a lot, but as I said: I can't quite find anything about this. Only people that have lost the orgasm feeling completely, but that's not the case with me and I hope it doesn't go that way.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Buddy, has doc examined your prostate?

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Ey, the doctor didn't. But the pelvic floor physio did. It was normal according to her. Probably weird that the physiotherapist did it, but it's her job and also does this daily and has a master degree for this.

I have the same groin, lower back & hip pain as you, I’ve had a PSA test & prostate examination but have had no discussion with doctor about pelvic floor muscles, I also have perinium pain too, my ejaculation has definitely lost its intensity also, doctor did give me some antibiotics as suggested BHP & prostatitis, I’m awaiting further ultra sounds on bladder & pelvic area

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Yeah doctors usually don't think of the pelvic floor problems right away. I mean I can't blame them really. All these symptoms are also common with prostatitis etc. Only thing is that usually there are no bacteria found, as in my case. So if there's nothing found in your case I'd recommend going to a pelvic floor physio.

But your orgasm feeling is also less? It's like half or 1/3rd the orgasm that I used to have. But now my question/problem isn't really solved :(

in medicine common things are common. I would be looking at stress and anxiety as causes, rather than prostate issues which are very unlikely in a 23 year old fit male

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But can it also have to do something with my pelvic floor muscles? I've only heard from a few people it might be possible, yet I can't find anything really specific about this on the internet.

but why would a fit young male have pelvic floor muscle issues ? with the symptoms you describe, the only areas I would wonder about are nerve ones, related to bony nerve compression etc. but again unlikely. multiple sclerosis could cause erection issues, but again, rare

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Pelvic floor issues could occur on any age tho. I probably tense them without noticing it. That's how I got it. All these issues can be caused by a hypertonic pelvic floor. Also, I don't have erection issues. The intensity of my orgasm has declined.

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pelvic floor issues are usually in women who have given birth and the trauma of that damages the muscles. I am not sure having a hypertonic pelvic floor is a well defined medical condition. Even if that is the case, if your erections are normal, the pleasurable part of orgasm come from nerve fibres coming from the area and triggering dopamine/serotonin release in the brain. So I would be looking at central /brain issues rather than localised ones.

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Pelvic floor issues are also happening to males. It's not the question if I have it or not, because I have. Reasons for that are pretty logical.

So you're saying I have to look at central/brain issues? How can that be the case all of the sudden? Does anxiousness /stress also include that?

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Of course. Stress/anxiety/depression are well known to affect libido ( sex drive ) and sexual function which would include orgasm. I presume you are not taking any oral medication that could cause this ?

All due respect properdoc, you keep saying rare, by no means do I wish to appear rude & in no way suggesting this young man has anything serious, my father was 37 when he developed similar issues as described above and visited the doc various times over a 2 year period and doctors advised the same rare, why would a young fit 37 year old have prostate issues as are generally 60+, when doctors finally referred him he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and told he wouldn’t last 6 months, I appreciate the logic 9/10 times this was probably a rare situation but surely although you say rare MS, unlikely prostate issues these things should be ruled out medically if symptoms persist?

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Sorry to hear about your father mate. I hope your problems vanish as well. But the physio told me my prostate is fine and that my muscles are too tensed. So now I have to do exercises. Pee looks normal etc. Also, the groin, hip and lower back pain etc are gone for now.

The issue here is is that my orgasm feels less intense and I'm wondering why. I'm questioning if it might be an affect of my hypertonic pelvic floor. I've asked this on a Dutch forum as well and a moderator there said it IS a side affect of this. Only annoying thing is that I can't find anything about this.

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My sympathies and prostate cancer in a 37 year old man would be very rare , perhaps even extremely rare ( presuming this was primary and not a secondary from another site such as testicle ) However this gentleman is 23 - prostate issues are very unlikely unless there are secondary factors.

just checking the UK statistics for 2014-2016 there were zero prostate cancer diagnoses in men under 40 and only 4 in the 40-44 age group

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As you said it was primary, appreciate as you say 23 very unlikely, great statistics of zero in 2014-2016 👍🏽

Does anyone know anything about this?

Sorry I do not know much about your condition, other than to say prostrate exercises can help improve the feelings of sex.

Also stress can lead to reduced sensation, so try and relax give the exercises ago.

Good luck

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Hi, others also recommend just not masturbating for some time. I'm going to give that a go as well.

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Yes, and it will feel so much better when you been waiting for it !

Your largest sex organ is your mind . Think of the pleasure your giving the women not just your feeling It may take the stress of love making and help you as well.

I had that it gets better and improves. It used to cause me terrible pain to orgasm too and afterwards but that’s much better now. Still got pain when urinating though.

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HI, you also had the feeling that your orgasm wasn't that satisfying? How did you improve it?

Yeah I've got chronic prostatitis or pelvic pain syndrome, they don't know which yet till I see a specialist. Had it since March. It comes and goes. It was for a month I was just feeling nothing when orgasming. It was painful too, went to see a couple of psychologists who said it is to do with the mind which I didn't believe.

I was on doxycycline for a month, just come off it. That seemed to improve with the climaxing too. They put me on another antibiotic before that though which really made the problem worse, terrible pain. I found masturbating every other day improved it too. I see my girlfriend every week and she is understanding about it too. So women understand. I try sometimes twice a day then not for a couple of days as well instead of daily now. Also not as long sessions just like 10 minutes.

The psychologist told me to concentrate on the sensations etc. focus on it. I believe it was all caused by the antibiotic they gave me. PSA all normal and cystoscopy was ok.

Just to give you hope though it does improve. I do the exercises since yesterday too. I think it's the stress, depression and anxiety that the whole thing causes as well which causes you to think about the orgasm (like worrying oh this isn't going to be good etc.) When I stopped thinking too much about it, it improved for me.

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Thanks a lot man! I have a call with my doctor tomorrow and I'm curious what he has to say about it. Maybe I don't have anything wrong at all and I'm just too used to it! But I'm definately going to take longer breaks between masturbating. I'm also curious what my physiotherapist has to say about it. I think it might have to do something with my pelvic floor also.

No worries man, it's the pain when urinating that bugs me and makes me anxious. But I've been thinking if I can just get into the mindset where it doesn't bother me anymore that will probably fix the whole thing, as they say it's mind related. I stopped drinking caffeine too which helps a lot.

Okay! I dont Bother that much with my urinating sensation. I just find it frightening that my orgasm is not that nice anymore. Also when they thought I had something like prostatitis, they didn't find any bacteria in my urine. So that's probably not the case for me.

Same with me though they don’t find any bacteria so they say it’s chronic non bacteria prostatitis. Been told it gets better though so that’s a relief!

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I hope for you too man! They've also felt my prostate, and that one was fine. So I doubt it's actually the cause of the problem. I really think it's because of the pelvic floor muscles because know I pay attention to it, I realize that I tense them when I'm really focused. Like when I'm gaming or driving my car. I try to relax them but within minutes I loose focus there and tense them up again. That's probably how I got that.

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