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My Penis is not Erected till now. I am 27 years old.


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Hi, please help me saying how a men's dick is always without foreskin ? When im going to effect it, it pains a lot. I never had a sex in my life. Im worry about my future. Please suggest to make my future enjoyable.

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Can try typing the question out again? Maybe with the use of google translate or something? Are you asking about circumcision?


You have to open your glans by cutting the foreskin - a minor operation of 20 minutes by local anesthesia. If you don't have erection, you need to consult an endocrinologist or urologist, test your testosterone level. Everything is treatable - nothing to worry about.

Pineapples101 in reply to Hidden

This is completely false, what do you mean 😂

Hidden in reply to Pineapples101

I mean meet a doctor concerned in. the field

OhHey in reply to Pineapples101

If he's 27 and never had an erection like I took from his OP, that's likely a hormone issue. He'll want to do a measure of free-T in the blood, and see if his testicles and adrenals are correctly functioning.

If you never had an erection then I would suggest seeing a Doctor.

If erections are unable to be maintained due to pain then start by stretching the skin using steroid creams if needed.

Don't treat it as an easy fix but you may want to consider circumcision, but do seek medical advice.

Problem111 in reply to jaglad

I have erection, I can do it by retract my foreskin! But the problem is it automatically but it come to its original place at above picture. I am scaring if my future marriage life can be painful

Just start stretching the openibg of the foreskin, four times per day.

First of all depends on the fact if you can retract your foreskin or not. If you can not retract your foreskin then in the case of your penis we watch in the photo you need circumcision. Of course you have pain because your foreskin is very tight and wont allow the penis to extent to its full size. Tight foreskin becomes more painful at older ages and not to scare you even more but might cause urinary problems (you may not urinate). Visit a doctor but I advise you to have a circumcision done.

Wish you all my best,

Leader of the Autobots

I can able to retract. But it is painful. So People have foreskin out always, right.

But when I do, it is paining while touching by underwear. What to do?

Visit a doctor then. You might have Balanitis or some other penis concerned disease. Just visit a doctor and grab him by the throat to examine you because some wont. Sorry I could not help. Wish you all the besy

No issue... Thanx

While I m doing my foresking retract, it retracts, but the problem is while touching to underwear it becomes painful for me, I can't able to walk properly. And also it becomes to its original position as in the above picture. Suggest what to do for happy marriage life.

Thank you

For the sensitivity issue, expose the glans frequently, such as each time you pee.

For tightness, learn stretchine exercises at No doctor or surgery is needed.

The head will be sensitive when exposed, that is what helps when having sex. I would advise circumcision as a last resort.

Try stretching first.

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