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Day 10 Post circumcision


Day 10 update -

1. Swelling is going down slowly and bruises are starting to fade. Most swelling is on the bottom side near the frenulum.

2. Haven’t felt pain at all partly i feel because this was a very good doctor.

3. Having gauze and bandages is key still uncomfortable to walk around in feel like a cowboy

4. I think I’ll finally go back to work tomorrow

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Sounds like you're healing up well. Keep us updated on how things are looking / going with your recovery. It's been helpful to know what to expect for those who are considering it!

Have a good day at work! How are the erections? Still painful? Do you get them more frequently since the surgery?

allstar1979 in reply to OCguy

I didn’t go to work, not related to the circ. though, just because i can. We have unlimited sick time so i only have 3 days left on my rotation decided to be lazy. The erections get better each day but it’s still painful. Gotta start doing math in my head lol. I think just about the same amount except now since i walk around naked so the exposed head is easily aroused. Thanks for asking.

It’s all about patience and waiting ..

I forgot to mention there are minor blood stains when i go out due to the friction. Seems normal though as healing and i was twice a day.

I did order Lapasa underwear’s which someone else recommended on here. It has been helping in keeping Johnson in his place with limited movement.

Yes, generally minor bleeding is normal during wound care. That's awesome that you get enough time off work to recover!

Did your penis produce pus and foul smell

No, day 12 now stictches still in. No puss or foul smell


How long before you could have your first intercourse or masturbate?

I tried rubbing the head for ejaculation on day 12 no luck yet man. Just be patient some guys same 2 weeks some say 4-6 it depends on your healing.

Dude I masturbated at day 6, it won't harm you if you just jerk your skin present at the base and not stretching the sutures too much

I couldn’t wait anymore at day 23 and 24 went at the base

Hidden in reply to Anonymous18

I just masturbated at day 7 lol. It was a relief .it took me 10 minutes to release it. Haha. I just rub the penis head. Iwas patient doing it and it worked

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