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Hi all

Was circumcised on Monday, everything is ok pain wise, very sensitive, however there are small amounts of yellow stuff near the head and overall the penis has a odd smell to it but I haven't washed it properly in 6 days, to be honest I'm petrified too lol!!

Wanted to know if both of these are normal and you can relate to these?

Also how long do you think before stitches might dissolve?


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My doctor had put on a yellow dressing after the surgery which had a smell to it. It’s pretty normal if it’s yellow unless if it’s infected or something. The stitches depends because I started doing salt and water baths today which dissolved some stitches out. It’s been 17 days since my surgery and the stitches are dissolving. Getting an erection should help it loosen up but the pain is not pleasurable. Just make sure you sleep on your side if you want to avoid getting an erection.

Its normal. Stitches should fall around 2 weeks though mine stayed till 40 day.

It is normal for lymphatic fluid to ooze out of the wound before it heals shut. It is yellowish in colour. That may be what you are seeing.

You’ll have the yellow ooze for a while bud I freaked out when I first seen mine and thought it was never gonna clear up, it can have a right foul odour to it as well but it’s 100% normal and with the stitches everyone’s different but I have heard some people had theirs removed by a doc and it helped the recovery, personally I let mine dissolve took until about week 4 until the last one pissed off, stay strong and good luck on recovery

Thanks for your responses, I went to the walk in GP centre , she believes i have a infection and have been given anti biotics so hopefully that will clear stuff up. If you guys don't mind me asking, how long before you could 'use' your man hood again?

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