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Foreskin irritation!

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I’ve had some irritation on my foreskin for a good while now and it never really seems to fully heal or disappear. After sex or masturbation the two red spots reopen. It is the two spots, one by my thumb and the other about 3/4 inch toward my meatus. There is also a smaller spot that looks the same that is new. The only time they are irritating is when they’re open and I’ve had std tests done blood and urine and both are negative. There is no fluid or discharge and I want to believe they are just having trouble healing. Any ideas?

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The inner foreskin is mucosa, not skin. Soap, body wash, or shampoo should not be used. Avoid excessive washing because the oil is dried from the mucosa and can cause non-specific dermatitis.

You might try keeping that area under your foreskin coated with Vaseline and see if that helps.

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