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Red spots on my penis head and foreskin “uncircumcised”


I get those red bit itchy spots on my penis , like irritation. I use cortizone 10 and they go away with hours or day. This third time i got them this week. I had no sex with anybody in months. What is it? How to prevent them from coming back?

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Are you cleaning yourself properly? Is your penis coming in contact with possible irritants?

I shover 1-2 a day and iclean penis thruly. No there is not outside that could cause it. Sometimes it gets really dry under foreskin.


Show it to Dermatologist

It could be caused by shower gel or soap. Most shower gels contain a chemical called sodium louryl sulphate which is an irritant. Make sure you only wash your penis with clean water and rinse any trace of soap off. That should help.

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Going to try right away. Canyou reccomend me a specific brand?

Coconut oil is coconut oil. The cheapest works. Probably less costly in the grocery store.

I’ve heard that rubbing soap on your private parts can cause irritations if you rub it with soap and leave it for too long.

Quit using soap all together. After drying, apply a bit of coconut oil.

I can't believe the problem is in soap. It's day 3 now I can see progress thanks!

The glans and inner foreskin are composed of mucosa, the same tissue which lines your mouth. It is not skin, so it responds differently to cleaning. Everything inside the foreskin is to be considered as internal parts.

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