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Am pretty much 100% sure Im gonna have to get recut


Hello forum. I am sitting now, one month after getting circumcised due to phimosis and have a lot of extra skin under the glans, which at my check-up my doctor said that I should be able to fold it inwards when it's healed "enough", but I can see that that isnt even possible. The skin has healed onto my glans completely, so I now believe I am doomed to have to get recircumcised to get it removed. You can see pictures of what it looks like on most of my other posts. Should I wait until the beginning of May and try to fold it, while HAVING to break some skin tissue to do it or should I just call him and schedule a recircumcision?

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HI Quix,

Your circumcision does look strange. I told the doctor to remove my frenulum because it was too short and causing pain. I have minimal swelling where it used to be. I am actually having a had time understanding how it is supposed to fold in, however you should go see your doctor and if you have to get it redone. Have a different doctor do it.

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