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90 days after circumcision


Hello, I've been following this forum ever since I decided to get circumcised and it's now been 90 days after my surgery. Everything went well except for two things: as shown on the picture the scar line on the right side of the penis looks lower or better say, it feels like I have more skin on the right side. Unfortunately I can only attach one pic for now, but the scar line on the right side looks tighter or closer to the glans (like it should be) therefore when i have an erection it feels a bit tighter on the left. Also the irritation around the scar line is obvious. Masturbation is almost painful still. I've read post where people fully recover 6 months to a year after surgery. What do u think? Thanks in advance. I will post other pic when replying.

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Yeah I heard that it takes sometimes up to 6 months to heal. I wouldn’t over do masturbation if I were you if it hurts your scar line but that is a very nick dick you have.....

Thanks, i'll try. I also hate the idea of having to use lube for masturbation. So I've been j/o by grabbing the shaft and leaving the head alone. Kinda awkward but less trauma for scar line. ;(

Can you orgasm as usual or you don’t like it as much? At least it doesn’t sound like you’ve lost sensations at all? It’s gonna be 3 weeks for me tomorrow and the head is still sensitive and my stitches are still in so it’s painful at times so I wonder how it’s gonna be for me to jerk off. Hang in there

Orgasm seems fine, actually, once recovered, i think it will be great not having to be careful if it's gong to hurt for pulling the skin too much etc. Before I had to be mindful about how my penis was being handle but so far when i shoot it feels fine. As for sensitivity i've lost a lot of it but i think before it was just way too sensitive because it was covered all the time. Now, as the doctor told me, you will be able to control sex and actually decide when to cum. You can fck yor lady for as long as you want compare to when we had foreskin it was too sensitive and cumming was perhaps quicker and unavoidable. So i think losing some sensitivity it isn't that bad. I think sex will be great regardless.

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I agree. I (60jo.) have been circumsized a year ago, now and it at me it worked out like you mentioned. The glans of my penis is much less sensitive and that gives a lot more time to play during my intercourse with my wife. Indeed, I can manage the time from my ejaculation to the moment that i like to finish my fuck!

I am very happy I made the decission to become circumsized!

I should have let it done, years before!

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Dude same scenario this side am making 7 weeks tomorrow but sensitivity down there its like i can go 2hrs non stop without ejaculating circumcision is way past cool😄

Hey man, is your scar line kinda attached to the shaft while was healing or it can move as you slide the shaft skin to the glans? I got my circ done 2 weeks ago and it feels like cut line attached to shaft ...I got low and tight cut.

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Scar line moves all around but it feels tighter on the left side of the head. When penis is fully erect, the tighter side of scar feels like pulling down or holding it, but only a bit. Hope sensation to go away over time .


I would advice to take it slow and give it its time. As far it looks fine but it need some more tome to heal fully. When you have need for masturbation, use a good vibrator!

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Isn’t that for women lol

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Webm99 is not mentioning any girlfriend in his life!

So being single means you need a use a vibritor? Don't mean to make a big deal out of it. I just posted about post circumcision hoping to hear from others in similar situation, how is the healing process, Etc. That's all.

But that’s not even my point I just thought vibrators were for women. Like vibrating dildos, didn’t know they were vibrators made for men...

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Sorry for beëing to serius!


Just try it, use a vibrator at your dick it feels amazing! I often use the magic wand, it feels so good! I used it many times fully dressed, keep it just to your pants in at the place where your cock is. It won't be a long time to have a amazing orgasm. I do that regularly to myself, haha

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