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Circumcised Penis looks Ugly

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Hey guys, so after my circumcision 9 weeks ago, I had severe swelling which I found completely ugly, but it was understandable due to the trauma, however it eventually got better.

My stitches have now come out, I have no post-circumcision pains, the ballooning swelling has gone down, however I still have scar tissue which makes the skin near my glans quite firm as opposed to my shaft skin. How do I make this better?

I have some excess skin near the underside of my shaft near the glans and I am worried if this will go away as all other problems have gone and I am scared the circumcision was not done correctly.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, how is it now? Does it eventually go away?

I have attached a picture for clarity to help understand my question.

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Hey man. I can tell you that you have just as much excessive inner foreskin as me and I don't really know if that's a good or bad thing. The problem I have with the excessive skin is that it aesthetically looks terrible and actually, early in the recovery, I thought of getting a revision or at least some fix to the problem. I went to several urologists and they told me that I should just give it time and it in my instance, unfortunately, could take way more time than expected.

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AyJay94 in reply to AnonPanda01

Hey Hans, I actually find mine extremely unpleasant too, even when I am erect it does all spread out but still with a bit of excess skin, I too wanted to get a fix, still do but I guess time is what we have to abide by.

So did these urologists give you a timescale?

Is your excess skin like mine? How long has it been since your circumcision?

Circumcision scar

Male circumcision is surgical amputation that removes an essential part of the penis. It is a cutting operation and like all cutting operations, it leaves a scar.

All circumcised males have a scar that encircles the shaft of the penis. It frequently is brown in color and noted for the dissimilar tissue on the opposite sides of the scar. The tissue on the side nearest to the body is true skin. The tissue on the side nearest to the tip of the penis is mucosa. There frequently is a sharp color change, resulting in a two-tone penis. When one has dark skin, the effect tends to be more pronounced.

The only way to conceal the scar is by foreskin restoration.

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AyJay94 in reply to Bucky85

It does look pretty different, the bulging balloon area, will that decrease in size though?

Will the scar tissue eventually soften?

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Bucky85 in reply to AyJay94

That big bulge appears to be caused by oedema. It should eventually disappear.

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AyJay94 in reply to Bucky85

that is great to hear, how long does that take to decrease in size back to normal?

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Bucky85 in reply to AyJay94

It varies from individual to individual. I can't answer how long it will take you.

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AyJay94 in reply to Bucky85

Hey bro, how long did it take for you?

I have got ointment but for antiseptic cream, I don't have anti inflammatory cream tbh

You need to enlarge your penis with Titan gel, not to remove it but to lessen it like what other blog ppl did, idk maybe ur dick can be bigger and not on its regular size thats why it happens

I have this ballooning problem beneath my glans too, it looks really ugly... did yours eventually go down and if so how long did it take? :)

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