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Post circumcision - What is this???


Hello. I am 2 months after my circumcision now and I am still concerned about a few things and don't know what is and what isn't normal.

In the attached picture, within the red highlighted area there is a piece of skin that is attached to the back of the head (I twisted the penis a little fkr the picture). Is this normal? It appears surgically attached but I haven't seen anything like that on porn videos? In addition, when my penis is flaccid the foreskin overlaps that area going over on top of it. Is this normal?

Second question is, if for example I am laying down on my back, with my penis pointing straight up, I am able to pull down the layer of the foreskin a little to reveal more skin where dirt usually hides, like smegma. Is that normal? How "deep" does that foreskin go? Does it then roll around to be the foreskin I see when I don't pull it back? I am confused because I can't fully oull this back because the backside of the foreskin that I initally see goes towards the back area of my penis and joins the bsck kf the head of the penis so I can't fully pull it down.

Hope this makes sense, very happy to give more examples etc. Maybe I am paranoid or just don't know much about the anatomy because I don't know what's right an. What not.

Thanks for reading. All help would be incredibly appreciated

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it's just a swollen piece of meat and it will take a few more months to dissapear. wash it with chamomilae solution & salt solution both twice a day don't use your junk very often and rest a lot and it will dissapear in 1 month. if you dont look after it it may be permanent

Ren97 in reply to jamesmcallan

Hi, thanks for reply. Apologies I think the picture I took doesn't very well show the issue. I will post a new thread again and attach a new picture. Would you mind taking a look? Thanks :)

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