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24hrs post circumcision


Hi guys,

I'm aware I'm probably just flapping here but basically I had circumcision done yesterday due to a bad case of phimosis, not a load of extra skin at the tip but it was just very tight and not willing to budge at all, should've had this done a long time ago as I'm now 27 but what ya gonna do?!

Basically the swelling as you can see in the picture is putting me on edge as I guess it's just hard seeing your little guy in such rough shape. For those of you who have been through this, does this look normal for 24hrs after? Had a few erections during the night and a bad cough during one of them where it felt like the stitches were pulled to their limits but no bleeding even after a shower this morning.

Sorry for walls of text, just a bit anxious lol.


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Too early to be worrying. Easier said than done I know.. See how you are in a few days. If there's been no bleeding or weeping then should be ok. Night erections are a killer.

Hey buddy, I’m 2.5 weeks down since I had mine... it just looks swollen at the moment! I would try and keep it dry for 48 hours! I tell you what helped me with the night time erections lately was to get one of those nail varnish remover cotton wool pads apply Vaseline on the one side and apply one to the front and one to the back of the dick to give it some lubrication and then bandage it round to keep it intact. It helped heaps for mine as the erection would never fully form!

Hi mate I was circumcised over a week ago and the swelling lasts around 4/5 days but you shouldn’t be getting it wet for at least a week you need to keep you wound as dry as possible for it to heal not only that if you have dissolvable stitches you shouldn’t bathe or get them wet

For 24hrs after it looks fine swelling will be there for prob a week or so before it starts to go down just keep it clean

Was told to get a shower after 24 hours it's even in the discharge information on circumcisions, just says to make sure it's completely dry afterwards by either patting or letting dry naturally and said I can start salt baths around 4 days after the op. No weeping or bleeding still and had it packed in pointing upwards in a pair of y fronts today to avoid any sensitive rubbing and it's been very comfortable.

Try intermittent application of an ice pack.

Avoid drinking anything after 6pm, boners hurt like hell first week in, going to bed with an empty bladder worķs wonders

I'm 7 days post op and swelling completely down today, worst pain is the sensitive glans trust me, interested what style you got their as the foreskin still covers the head or is that due to the swelling?

swelling goes after time, if you feel discomfort few painkillers will resolve that, keeping it upright in tight fitted pants is good (buy some lapasa boxers from amazon) but even keeping it upright started hurting after a while so i let it roam downwards).

dr advised dead sea salt water shallow baths after 48hrs they help with healing and dissolving the dissolvable stitches, been using dead sea salt water in warm water in a jug twice daily, morning and night and had shower in between too.

touching the head of the penis is important to try to get used to the sensitivity and eventually letting shower water on it after 4-5 days post op.

been using some prescribed acid cream on it too, this helps with killing any bacteria and thus reduces chances of infection (trust me you don't want to be on anti biotics as well)

but also need to bear in mind to let it heal with dryness too, with all this going on it's difficult, i have a home based job so just take my pants off whilst I'm working and let me foot fan heater help dry it.

it's a game of opinions, my surgeon has done 7k circumcisions, he advised high cut (where foreskin is tied as high as possible, this is due to a number of reasons, no visible scarring, erections not feeling tight vs if it was a low cut circumcision , possible better stimulation when having sex/masturbating (latter can't judge until i'm there really)

Well, had a bit of a mare last night. Woke up at 5:30am with an erection which was pushing into the right y fronts I've put myself in to keep him upright. My girlfriend advised putting one of her pads in the front of my pants to prevent sticking and the weeping overnight had made it a bit minging so took it out and binned it but as I'm sleeping downstairs on sofa till I'm over the worst of it (3 and 4 year olds love to jump in bed during night unexpected and don't understand to keep away from me etc), the pads are in our bedroom but didn't want to wake pregnant girlfriend so improvised with rolled up toilet roll which obviously then stuck to my glans, safe to say I felt like an idiot this morning. Just had a shower there as advised by clinic that did my op as I rang for advice. Tried to get it off using cotton buds after letting water run over it for a few minutes but very quickly the sensitivity made this nigh on impossible so I'm now sat waiting for a cup of boiled water to cool down so I can soak just the glans and try to loosen the remaining bits.

As for the style, I have no idea to be totally honest. Surgeon didn't discuss different styles with me beforehand and I didn't see him after the surgery before leaving for home which I found quite strange. Just as a guess I'd assume it's going to be on the higher side but as you say that may just be swelling, time will tell. I keep trying to press the glans a bit with the back of my finger just to get it a bit more used to touch.

Will update later with how tissuegate pans out.

Thanks for all advice and replies so far gents.

Motha in reply to Icre84u

good luck man, i can say being on day 7 things will start getting normal again, keep fighting, RE erections , stand up take a walk difficult when ur tired but it works, ive tried ice cubes too but the erections withstand that, the pain i found isn't that difficult to manage as long as ur mind tries to control the "really" big ones vs the no i don't need this erection.

ive also read the penis reduces in size after losing the foreskin, kindof got me worried abit as the erection didn't seem as big as before but understandable due to losing foreskin

Icre84u in reply to Motha

My attempts at cleaning up my silly mess were only slightly successful so going back to see a nurse Inna couple of hours. Yeah walking about definitely helps the night terrors but easier said than done when it's hard getting up and you're half asleep/too stubborn to move lol.

Have read mixed reports on penis size after circumcision and some people say they've noticed a slight increase in size due to the foreskin potentially "holding it back" prior to the circ. Again, I suppose time will tell!

It does not seem to be bleeding or leaking lymphatic fluid, so you are doing well.

Swelling is normal after circumcision.

It looks like they left you a bit of extra skin, which is good because it will prevent painful erections.

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