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some white spots on gland and the trunk of the penis


good evening,

lately there have appeared some white spots on the glans and the trunk of the penis, I am afraid that is hpv, tb I have a penis area with rough skin, several dots clustered, like a stain ...

I went to a urologist and he told me to wait ... to see if they multiplied or disappeared, also had a pimple on the base of the penis that he medicated, prescribed me fucidine, and it really worked! disappeared.

but told me never to put this ointment on the glans in order to treat the white pimples.

I do not know if I can put photos here to really show what I'm talking about ... (if I can thank you for informing me)

this does not bother me physically, it does not make me any trouble or pain, I'm just afraid it's dst and obviously I would like to treat it.

I liked that they clarified me since waiting 2 or 3 months in doubt is horrible: \

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This is not something I am familiar with but if you search these posts you will find quite a few similar enquiries. From them, and what I see, I do not think you have anything to worry about.

lika30 in reply to jaglad

thanks, but my urologist think this is HPV :\

Hope you get it sorted soon.

It looks like you have genital warts/hpv

I'm going to another urologist tomorrow, then i can put here new information.

thank you

I'm very shy to show these pictures to the doctor.

I can only show the blisters of the glans penis when erect :S

What could it be? I was in the same situation as you. My bumps are not painful, but cause a little itching and discomfort.

Hidden in reply to adamrufer

I have same as bottom left picture, sexual health clinic confirmed mine were fordyce spots.

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