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Penis enlargement in future?

Hi everyone, I'm 24.

I'm not satisfied with my penis, he is just 13.5-14 cm big. Few females had already humiliate me and now I just masturbate and I'm afraid to go meet new girls beacuse there is possibility that they would shame me also and tell those stories to another girls :(

Is there any way that in future for like 5-10 years it would be possible to enlarge penis?

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I believe that you would be in the normal range.


You are in the average range. If a woman has made fun of your size she has done this knowing it will hurt you (due to insecurity); you aren't small and there is no issue.

The problem is men can't really compare size....in the gym etc you would never know who is a 'grower' or a 'shower'. Porn films are really the only opportunity most men see an erect penis; however porn stars are hired due to their abnormally large size. They also use lighting (extensions) and photoshop!

You need to stop focussing on your size, stop watching porn (it's damaging your mental health) and meet someone genuine. Everyone says mean things in anger that they regret...but the kind of woman that would insult a mans size in that way really isn't worth the time of day. Move on and just meet a woman with more class.

You have to 'believe' you are average, AND there is nothing wrong with average MOST of us are!

By the way, learn how to be good in bed and a woman won't care about your size... you won't get better masturbating. Being good in bed is learning what pleases your partner, not yourself. Woman like foreplay and when you think you've done it enough double it!

Hope things work out for you; trust me we've ALL had the same thoughts.


Next woman to insult you just ask them this, am I to small or are you just to loose cause I feel there's room for 3 in there!. because any person willing to insult you in that manner deserves the same treatment in return, don't let these type of people discourage you from getting sex

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Yeah, I can insult back but don't want to be humiliated next days beacuse girls can be really cruel sometimes, they would tell everyone including guys. I'm 187 cm and 88 kg, I train for like 5 years in fitness and 13 cm really looks small on me. Now I'm afraid to go in any relationship or even eet new girls. I just stuck more and more in porn, fetish and those things.


Hi Bupsi. . I assume you're talking about your penis when it's erect. 13.5 cm is a very acceptable length. And if any girl you meet thinks differently then she's not worth the trouble. It's as simple as that.


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Currently nothing available, pills and potions simply do not work. They just want your cash. There is some surgery on offer, but it is expensive, Very Risky and not proven. BTW you are average, most of us are. Do not worry. It ain't what you got it is the way that you use it !


I thought for a long time whether my size was normal, and then I found the APP, which calculates the size very accurately based on size and nationality. I can only recommend. play.google.com/store/apps/...


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