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Small Penis at age 18

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I'm 18 and my penis is still 5 inches I'm really worried as I don't know if I have hit puberty, I have pubic hair, my voice has gone deeper but is not deep as my friends, I've grown in height I'm 180cm (5'11) I ve just started getting facial (hair on my chin and some below my side burns)  I'm really worried I think I've hit puberty which is a bad thing because my Penis is still 5 inches, help me I'm really embarrassed 

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If you are concern there is no harm seeing your gp

Is there anything else I could possibly do instead of visiting my gp

Not that i would reccomend im a nurse and have been for 2 years I would seriously vist your gp as they may deciede to prescribe a testostrone suppliment but only if there is something wrong you may just be late a developer as we all develop at different rates if you have anyquestions you can message me privately 

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I have the same problem my penis is small on soft but big on hard

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Me too

Hi Mr Annoynmous,

Two points here, I think.  Firstly, everyone is different and develops physically as well as intellectually at their own speed and in their own time.  You're still only eighteen. You have started to grow facial hair your voice has deepened and you've developed pubic hair. All sounds well to me, therefore! I don't know whether this will reassure you, but I was in a very similar situation when I was your age. My voice 'broke' much later than other boys in my school year and was I mocked for it; I now sing bass in my church choir. As for shaving, I didn't start until I was between 19 and 20 but have made up for it since and now have a full and very bushy face of whiskers. Some ladies love it - others loathe it!! 

Secondly, concerning your penis. I assume you're referring to your erect size?  How do you measure it?  At five inches you're still bigger than I am and I have had no problems having sex with girlfriends, both giving and receiving pleasure. Sex is about so much more than fretting about how 'big' you are.

Clearly do see your GP if you are really worried, but please don't fixate on these things just yet; you are you. Let your body develop at its own speed.  

I hope the above goes some way to alleviate your concerns.

All the very best,



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Thank you so much Peter 

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Great advice..

So kind of you to leave that comment, Bob. Much appreciated! 

Kindest regards, Peter

Quite agree with you, Bob.

All good wishes,


As one who remained under 5 inches in size, it is not really a concern even though we are led by some media to believe that to be small is not "manly". I can assure you that you can still enjoy everything sexual and father children no matter what size you are. Just rejoice in who you are and the sexual intimacy you can enjoy.

size is not important as long it is erect when having intercourse its not a problem

Yeah, sorry mate but it will probably stay like that. Try a penis enlargement kit, it works wonders. Even if you have been through puberty, you may just generally have a small penis down to genetics, anyway... size doesn't matter, mine is 6.9 inches!

Don't let the size of your pens worry you ,in a similar situation as you,now 57 yrs old and has never stopped me living and loving life to the full.

It’s been 2 Years any updates on your situation ?

Hi mate do not worry about your size if you had 5 or 8 inch penis as long as you use it right there is no problem my partners previous partner had 8 inch penis and sex was not good it lasted for 5 mins at the most leaving her very frustrated

Firstly don't be embarrassed, and from an old dog like myself let me tell you it's not the size it's what you do with it bud. The old story of big is best is NOT TRUE and there are a great many partners that prefer a smaller penis as it's less painful and more comfortable. Just because every porn star has a flagpole penis doesn't mean that that's reality because it's NOT. Stop beating yourself up because it really is unimportant. If you're partner loves and respects you your penis size will be irrelevant. And finally the average male penis size in the UK is 5 inches erect, look it up, in South Asia it's 3-4 inches! Relax dude you're perfectly normal.👍👍

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