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Penis skin sore burning dry red - help absolutely at rock bottom

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Hello anyone who can help at all I have Had irritated sore penis glans/head for over 8 months. Seemed to have started from a bruising incident approx 12 months ago.

I’m not circumcised but my foreskin naturally doesn’t cover my head.


the Skin on the glans has become thickened , reddened, is almost constantly sore , never itchy more irritated like it’s reacted to something.

I have used tons of different stuff over this time, aquaphor, Vaseline, raw coconut oil, raw shea butter, emollient creams. Nothing seems to work. But then leaving it alone doesn’t seem to help any either.

Sometimes it got so dry and painful and could appear dark purple. Sometimes it went cracked looking with white streaks. Sometimes it has peeled lightly.

I have treated it for thrush, been on 2 weeks fluconaxole , and the last time I put clotramazole 2% on it it caused agony ! So didn’t put that on again.

Multiple doctors say nothing wrong until recently a dermatologist seemed to diagnose dermatitis, and gave me a modeRate steroid cream (clonbestone, eumovate) and advised to use Vaseline in between. He said this was to reduce the thickening to repair it. The first night I put it on it hurt bad and kept me up all night. It then started to get less painful after a few nights. But it’s now been a week and it’s become redder and more sore feeling, like a burning feeling. Even Vaseline feels like it irritates now.

Sounds pathetic , I know people have life threatening stuff going on but It’s horrible and I have never been lower.

Suicidal thoughts have occurred more and more often , due to the feeling of hoplessness and that nobody can help. I thought seeing a dermatologist would be the breakthrough I needed but now not sure.

It seems rare , but has anyone known of anyone in w similar issue ? I need help or pointing to a good genital dermatologist in the UK . Appreciate anything very much

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Sometimes chronic balanitis is caused by diabetes. Check your blood glucose level.

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benjy1 in reply to nfor

Done already, had blood test for diabetes, ruled it out. Nobody has told me it appears to be balanitis and it’s not really itchy, more just irritated and sore and dry. Thanks

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Have you tried a GU consult? One of the problems of using many and varied treatments is that they could be making the problem worse. It may help to have a biopsy or swabs done to determine what the problem actually is.

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benjy1 in reply to Osidge

I’ve seen two urologists , a dermatologist (not specialist in genital though) and a GU clinician once or twice who said to go to a dermatologist. Absolutely terrified of biopsy just never thought it would get to that but it might have to at this rate , thanks

Maybe it could be related to some kind of allergy? To types of materials/clothing? Something in the air, dust maybe? A component of soaps shampoos, etc. you use while showering?

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I changed all my underwear to loose 100% cotton, for about 6 months I have switched to hyper sensitive shower cream , and I have baths in water only I haven’t put bubble bath in for a long time . If it’s allergic to dust then I’m prett knackered !, thanks

I have been putting this clobestone butyrate cream on it as advised by the dermo to reduce the thickened skin and now it’s redder and more horrendously cracked and horrible looking than ever before! I’m just beside myself I have zero confidence in anyone medical after all this, so hope is now zero

Can’t your doctor consult with other professionals around the country or in other countries? Someone has to know what’s going on.

Another idea: maybe look into alternative medicines, like Chinese, or something holistic or naturalistic ointments?

Maybe the problem is not topical of the skin but it could be an effect of some medication you take regularly or of something you eat. Maybe you can try a vegetarian diet or a detox diet or something like that.

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benjy1 in reply to mtzrn

Thanks dude I will try anything. My experience of doctors in this country is that none of them appear to know what they are doing. My father had to pressure them for 6 months to test for something that turned out to be cancer, in the meantime they repeatedly told him nothing was wrong. They fail to do any proper testing for anything they just throw creams and pills at you and hope you just fuck off as soon as possible. I said I was a bit depresssed to my GP at one point and he was halfway through writing out the prescription for anti depressants before I stopped him to say it’s not happy pills I need, it’s that I need to be fixed! Or at least advised on what it could be.

The latest one the derma was private , charged me £190 for a 15 min consultation told me to trust him this steroid cream would do the job and now honestly my whole penis head has the texture of a scrotum and is more sore than ever.

Modern marvel of medicine ? There is none they are all a bunch of useless wankers and I’m sick of the entire system

It’s outrageous the way some professionals carry themselves in their practice.

Maybe you can talk about this with a therapist and he may advice you on what to do next.

It sounds like you have some sort of balanitis (inflammation of the glans penis). There are many causes. One must determine the cause before successful treatment can occur.

You probably should have a biopsy to see what is going on.

You should keep your foreskin forward over the head so it protects the head.

Update - and it is a good ending , to anyone else who may be suffering similar issues .

I had a consultation with a genital dermatologist who examined and said nothing serious at time of looking , but the symptoms I described were eczema/psoriasis.

Anti depressants were suggested , to stop the anxiety that he thought was causing a dysysthesia syndrome ( basically a pain where there isn’t any)

After one week I was back to normal. I use no creams or washes or anything I just wash in warm water only and am careful not to irritate with anything but I’ve had weeks now where it doesn’t bother me at all.

I want this to be seen by anyone suffering anything similar , i have been at rock bottom at times over this it has been horrendous at times and now it appears a lot of it may have been caused by slight eczema but excaserbated tremendously by my own state of mind.

Anti-depressants are a good thing for a short term basis , they just helped to break the anxiety which I feel reduced the physical symptoms.

By all means always get examined properly with any skin changes down there, but if you are seeing multiple doctors who all say nothing is wrong,it could indicate that your state of mind might be exacerbating things.

Take care out there folks

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mtzrn in reply to benjy1

Great to know you had your problem sorted out! Thanks for sharing and good luck!

ask your doctor for mupirocin ointment and get some otc cortizone cream...mic bit of each together and put it on where the redness is....the mupirocin cream will kill all the bacteria and clear up any infection and the cortizone will help with the inflammation... be sure to not use the cortizone with out the mupirocin as the cortizone cn make the infection worse on its might also ask for some septra ds....its an oral antibiotic.

hope this helps.

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