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Lump on penis 4 months after circumcision (Photo)

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I had circumcision end of March 18 because my girlfriend tore my banjo string but because I kept getting thrush and UTI's, I opted for circumcision rather than frenuloplasty.

Following my operation I've done what the doctors have told me and had one infection since which has since been treated but I've had this lump form under the head of my penis which has not changed since the day of my operation.

I can masterbate and have sex but appearance wise it just looks disfigured. I've went back to the doctor and they told me it will go away after time and I would have to wait 2 months for a Urologist to take my case seriously. I then got a second opinion and finally I'm being referred back to the urologist but there is an 18 week waiting list.

I've looked online at cysts and tried squeezing it, pulling it, pricking it with a pin to try and drain the fluid out, putting ice on it... anything but medication (because I don't know what I'm looking for) but nothing has worked. I'm very self conscious on the appearance of my member because I don't want to date girls and have them look at it and think it looks cancerous or something and whilst I don't regret having circumcision, I do want a normal looking penis at the same time but I don't want to be pushed out the door by the urologist who will tell me it will go away after time either... I think after 4 months it's safe to say it's not going to go away.

What can this be though? I doubt it's keloid scars or balanitis but I need some help or direction or advice, has anyone else had what I have? and if so, what was the best treatment?

If anyone can help me with this then I would really apprieciate it



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When I get an erection it is not as noticeable as the girth irons it out but it's still a disfigurement to me at the end of the day, It's looks worse when it's flaccid. When I pierced the skin with a needle, a mixture of fluid and blood came out which did look like it was flattening out after a bit but when I leave it for a few days to heal up, it still doesn't look any different than it did before. I've even tried baths in salt water and that didn't do anything either and yes I masterbate quite frequently.

I have the same problem, I'm 8 weeks post-circumcision. The reason why we're having this particular anesthetic look is because we were given a "loose circumcision" style-cut. Loose, meaning that only the minimum foreskin was snipped just so it is able to be retracted behind the glans, and then when a certain amount of inner foreskin is decided upon, the two skins are stitched together.

Since only a small amount of skin was circularly cut off, the original tight part of the foreskin is still there. So when you're flaccid, that's why the start of your darker skin still looks like a tight ring around your shaft. By it being tighter than the remainder of your shaft skin, it forces the pinkish inner skin to bunch up like a fluffy pillow. Until erection time when the penis grows and widens to spread that inner skin out. Take a look @ my post-pics.

We could get corrective surgery where the surgeon makes a new excision on the shaft skin, centimeters of length down from the scarline. Then, reattach the remaining shaft skin after the cut to the existing pinkish inner foreskin.

I might get this done in a couple months from now

Hi Qfellow,

I've had a look at your pictures and your recovery photos over time have displayed a more normal looking penis, whereas mine still looks like yours from the day after the operation. If that is the case, then I will be pushing for corrective surgery to have the doctors remove the extra skin, I won't accept a 'it will heal over time' answer. However, yours seems to look that it has settled on it's own or have you used some sort of steroid cream on it?


The swelling that I had from the 1st 4 weeks had settled, but when I'm flaccid, all my inner foreskin bunches up to a circular bubble-ring. When I'm erect some of it spreada out, but I can see the extra pinkish skin still bunched a bit. I definately have extra skin on the left and right sides. The top part was cut and sewn normally. My frenulum was preserved, but I want that eliminated too! I'm calling my urology center in the morning, requesting a different and better surgeon.


I went to my GP and they looked at it but won't treat it, they've instead referred me to a urologist and it's a 18 week wait. I did go to the surgical assessment unit at my hospital because my japs eye scabbed and closed up making it difficult to pass urine so I was put on tablets and had a cathater put in me but no real progress has been made since then. I'll give draining it another go now but I think I might have to wait until my urologist appointment comes through :/


I'm looking at scar treatment lotions now, see if I can find something that works but yes that 18 week wait is the NHS :(


It looks like oedema, which is a common complication of circumcision.

Circumcision interferes with circulation of the lymphatic fluid and that is the result.

Circumcision is at best a mixed blessing.

Hi Bucky85,

I've looked online for furosemide tablets to treat oedema but they cost an arm and a leg but I'll mention it when I eventually get my urologist appointment and see if they can get me a prescription... or surgery to have the excess skin cut off completely. It does say oedema is more in the legs, ankles, eyes and brain... I couldn't find anything relating to the penis or circumcision though.


Wow bro look at my posts, looks the same as my issue. I literally feel the same way as you man

Hi KBo3

Shit dude, glad I'm not the only alone with this problem, I do agree it is depressing though :(


Yeah man its mad, mine genuinely looks identifical and I'm at about 8 weeks. I've got a feeling mine won't go either but the urologist said give it 6 months. I never really saw any cases like this before I got it done so I'm so gutted that it's gone the way it has. Have you actually had intercourse since?

Hi KBo3,

I have had intercourse since, the girl I had it with didn't say anything and the sex wasn't painful but I was still numb from the swelling, it doesn't get in the way of my sex life but it just looks fucked appearance wise :/


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wertyqw in reply to KBo3

I had circumcision 8 weeks ago. Even i have the same issue, in fact the swelling in my case also has a little bit puss oozing out from time to time when i pinch or press it. It feels like a little knot when i touch it. I am scared, hope its not tumor or something cancerous.

Hi wertyqw,

Mine feels more like a cyst when I squeeze or press it, I said I tried to use a pin to squeeze all the fluid out of it but it doesn't make a difference at all :/


Yeah same here, it feels like a cyst underneath the skin, but quite hard. Earlier I though it might be some injured nerves healing, but it hasn't healed since 8 weeks. It has soft tip, which when I pierce gives out yellowing and sometimes transparent fluid. What did your doctor say?

Hi wertyqw,

Yes I get the yellow transparent fluid and once all of that has been exhausted out, I sometimes get blood afterwards. I've not heard from my doctor, I'm still waiting for the appointment letter to come through :(


I did send pics to my doctor, he asked me to visit his clinic, there might be some infection. But I have been observing that its getting smaller. Is it the same with you? Think i will still visit the doctor.

Hi wertyqw,

My doctor won't give me anything but only refer me to a specialist with a long waiting list. Looking at it, it might have gone a little smaller but it's hard to tell. Every week, I noticed bits of dead skin coming off here and there but nothing to make a dynamic impact :/


Hello Adam,

Any updates? In my case, the knot has decreased significantly, but still it is there. It is not leaking any sort of liquid for now. Did you see doctor?


Hi wertyqw

I didn't bother seeing a doctor because they'll only refer me to the specialist but I did have the letter come through to say that I've been referred and an appointment will come to me in due time. I stopped masterbating for a week and I noticed there is a little bit more definition in my glands under the head, like it's starting to drop and settle down ever so slightly but the knotted skin is very much still there.


Literally in this sam position. Had to plead with my GP to refer me to NHS again because I cancelled my op (Booked for October 2018) and went private in June because I just couldn't wait any longer and then thought I'd be recovered by end of summer. My swelling looks just like yours, granted I'm on 10 weeks but I can't see this going down. Even tried to do no fap but even that hasn't reduced swelling. Without sounding dramatic, this shit makes me feel so fucking depressed knowing that we gotta go through this whole shit again, walking all weird for 3 weeks, lying in bed with your dick up for 3 weeks, fuck the surgeon who do these cuts, they clearly did leave too much skin as if they had taken more off, the swelling wouldn't be there like that. Sorry to sound so depressing but there seems to be a few of us in this group. Keep your head up and keep us updated I guess? Haven't tried to pierce this with a needle, too worried to see what fucking comes out.

What did the doctor say about your condition when you went private? but yeah I feel you man, it is depressing... but I'll keep everyone posted should things improve :)

I think there's a conflict of interest tbh, he carried out the operation so of course he's going to tell me to give it 6 months. It looks weird, I'm most likely going to have a second op to correct this and remove my frenulum which I actually asked him to remove and this prick didn't do that. My swelling is sometimes minimal and I think I'm recovering then some days the swelling is in full effect. The extra skin is hard as well and obviously it looks pretty fucking grim.

Hidden Qfellow Bucky85 KBo3 wertyqw Just an update, I finally got the appointment letter for my urologist after an 18 week wait on the waiting list. I went and told them that cosmetically that I'm not happy with the result and that it was still swollen and it hasn't budged or settled down since the day I had it done so they had a look at it and they agree that it isn't good at all and that I need more surgery to correct it. He also admitted that they've had a few cases like mine so they had to retrain the surgeon who had been doing the operation but It won't be until at least the New Year before I get a surgery date but the urologist said he will try and do it himself if he can, so fingers crossed. Hope this helps give anyone some hope who is in the same position as me :)

Good luck bro! I've literally just made my last post - had a revision by the same surgeon and all healed.

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KBo3 in reply to KBo3

Only thing I can say is, if you really don't want to wait anymore just go private. I know it's easy to say that but health over £££ every single day of the week. I had a week to wait from initial consultation to revision date.

How are you doing now? Did it all go away?

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