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Foreskin attaches to my head-not frenulum

I’m 16 and a half and my foreskin has never rolled back completely. I’ve been working with it in the shower and stuff and I do see significant process. Now when my dick is soft I can roll back my foreskin almost completely. I do see significant change when my penis is erect, I can’t roll it back nearly as much and it’s frusterating. My foreskin is still tight when I roll it back when I’m soft and I’m pretty sure that with time that will get better.

Howevere, here is the problem. When I am able to roll back my foreskin almost completely, about halfway down the head there is this horizontal stretch of skin where my foreskin is attached to the head. It’s probably like half an inch long and it’s like right in the middle of my head. It doesn’t hurt that much except for when I try to pull my foreskin down more. This is an annoying problem and I need help if anyone knows what it is or what I should do? It makes cleaning under my foreskin hard and I really want my foreskin to roll back for as I get older and eventually have sex. I hope I don’t need to get this surgically removed, but does anyone know what this is? I guess I can provide photos of absolutely necessary

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That part, at the bottom of your penis head is called the frenullum. If it is too short and causes pain the best thing to do is to visit a urologist and discuss what can be done. He might prescribe an ointment/cream to use when stretching or maybe something else. Best to consult a doctor about it. Stretching is fine as long as it doesn't cause pain.


It’s not the frenulum it’s like on the other side of the head going horizontally!!


If you can roll back to clean and it not causing you pain then I would advise carrying on with the stretching and see how that works out. I guess you will be using a condom for sex so that will help. It is possible that unprotected sex will cause the foreskin to pull back. The first time this happened to me it was a little sore because it felt a bit tight and did not come back naturally. But it did loosen up in time. Good luck


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