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Tight & dry foreskin...

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I’m a 17 year old male, and need help with some foreskin problems... a few months ago, I was still able to pull my foreskin over my head completely, but only flaccid. A few days later, I noticed my foreskin getting dryer. One day, I pulled back on it and it created a crack right at the tip of the foreskin. It’s been about 2 weeks, and the foreskin is still dry, and whenever I pull on it too hard it creates another crack.

I certainly do not want to get circumcised, and have not yet told my parents... Any tips? Should I be concerned?

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It's sounds like early signs of phimosis. There are many tricks to combat this but should it get worse should consult a doctor about this.

Google stretching techniques. They may work or speaking to a doctor and trying a steroid cream. If all else fails then speak to a urologist.

Hope this helps. For me I suffered phimosis and had a bid issue with it from an early age and it got worse where the stretching didn't work nor the cream.

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did you get circumcised ? if so no regrets ?

Looks like early sign of phimosis. See your urologist and try creams first.

Sounds exactly like a yeast infection. It’s easily treated with Athletes Foot cream. Apply twice daily for two weeks. Quit using any kind of soap to clean inside your foreskin. Use just plain water to rinse off the smegma. A small application if coconut oil should keepbthe tissue moist and healthy.

The tightness is easily cured permanently with stretching. Go to drelastic.com to learn stretching techniques. You do not need a circumcision. Yeast infections can come from using soap or from having taken antibiotics.

If you need coaching to get through this, willywellbeing.com offers that.

Thanks a lot, will definitely try all of these tips!

It is probable that you have a yeast infection. Treat for yeast and it should get back to normal. Do what jimfromcalif says.

I’m not sure if this cream would be the correct type, but I found it in my bathroom: it’s called “Lipikar Baume AP+”

No, Get a product containing Clotrimazole.

Ok thank you

I’ve read on another forum that if I use “Lotrimin (clotrimazole), monistat (miconazole), or spectazole (econazole)”, it should work... what do you guys think?

Yes. Those work.

Yes, all of those are effective.

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