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My foreskin won't pull back


I'm 16, I have a problem with my penis, I'm uncircumcised. I can't pull the foreskin back very far, only just to where there is a small hole, that you can see a tiny part of the head through it. I don't have any problem masturbating because the foreskin stretches. But I can't get it to go very far before it won't go any further. Does anyone know what might be causing this, and what treatments there are?

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Hey Anon,

What you have (and I had) is something called phimosis (basically, your foreskin isn't retracting to the base of your penis head (glans) as it should do.

Go and see your doctor, who will either prescribe you a steroid cream which will hopefully lessen the tightness, or refer you to a urologist for a surgical consultation. Given your condition which is identical to mine, odds are you'll need surgery as I did.

Depending on the severity, the consultant may recommend surgery to loosen your foreskin and allow it to stretch to where it should, or if it's particularly marked tightness, they'll recommend a circumcision (as mine did). They'll probably do it with you under general anaesthetic (fully asleep).

Basically, go and see a doctor as soon as and get it sorted as soon as. I struggled with my phimotic penis for years, and put off going to the doctor. My penis used to cause me a lot of grief and difficulty. Now, I'm kicking myself for not getting my surgery done earlier (I'm 23 and had it done 8 weeks ago).

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I would have to agree, if it's bothersome (like mine was, oh my gosh it was absolutely awful.) I would consider circumcision. Going from you're saying, I do not think you have to get it just yet. But if it gets to a point that it interferes with normal life, it is definitley worth looking into. I got mine done 4 weeks ago and I am so beyond happy I did.

Let me warn you though, the first two weeks (at least for me, it could be different for anyone else) it sucked bad. The pain was really bad, but it was worth it in my case. If you have any questions (assuming you go the circ route) let me know. :)

Hey on a scale from 1-10 how bad did it hurt???

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if you see this I have a question. I had sex with my girlfriend without a condom for the third time about 5 days ago and my foreskin/bellend has been slightly hurting, not too much, but it won't retract any further than a tiny bit, only to where I can see a tiny amount of the head. I may have noticed a tiny graze but I don't think that's it, I'm wondering if you can pick up Phimosis or something else is messed up aboutit.


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How much did the surgery cost

To be honest I would not worry about it just yet. Go with the gentle stretching in the bath and shower. Hydro-cortisone cream may help. As goldie says there are hundreds of similar posts so you are not alone. I was well into my twenties before I could pull back completely and that could cause pain sometimes, but, I never had any problem with masturbating or sex. My advice would be to wait a couple of years and then see a Doctor if you still worried or it causing you pain. Circumcision is not an easy option, and I would not recommend it, but only you can really decide. Phimosis is a real possibility but I do not think waiting a year or two will make much difference at your age.

Good Luck.

This is common in teens. See this discussion:

What if you do surgical circumcision so that the penis could ratract on the day of that a problem??

I have the same problem but when I try to strech it, it makes a rip in the skin instead. So is my only option to go to the doctor?

You’re stretching the skin wrong.

Rory87 in reply to Zoggman

It might be worth reading some more information around stretching techniques but in the mean time I would make an appointment and see all options open to you as sometimes it can be beyond the point of stretching

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