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Swollen penis between cut area and below the head.

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I had the circumcision done last weekend exactly a week ago after being diagnosed with phimosis . So far I have been on rest for the first week. The first change of dressing was done right after two days of the operation and two days later( 4th day) the dressings removed by the doctor. Ever since that I discovered the area between the cut and below the ring to be abnormally swollen on the right side. The ring and the head are extremely sensitive and the stiches are still pretty much raw ( not as much as the first day). As of today I gathered the courage to clean the entire thing with Luke warm water with a few drops of savlon using a cotton soaked in the same solution.

So i have got three questions. Is it OK to clean the would this way as after this I would apply an ointment recommended by the doctor.

Secondly how long does it take for the stiches to be fully dissolved and is salt bath really that helpful to dissolve the stiches. I am bit paranoid about the fact that the stiches might be disturbed before they dissolve with time. And does the salt bath cause any kind of irritation on the wound or stich area. Lastly if I have to resume work next week would it be a good idea to put on a temporary dressing on a regular basis at least till one more week to prevent any disruption near the stiches and should this be followed at least for the next one week as at night there is this risk of bleeding due to free movement of the penis.


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I had no dressings whatsoever. The surgein prescribed an antibiotic ointment that i have to apply twice a day for 21 days. He did also say that some people like to have a saline bath but i havent done that for fear of dissolving stitches early.

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What day are on on and how has been the recovery so far?

You shouldn’t still have a dressing on you need to let it breath all your doing is delaying it healing.

Stitches took me 5 weeks to completely dissolve but everyone is different.

I didn’t use any creams or salt baths I let it heal naturally and kept the incision as dry as possible don’t soak it as it needs to try up in order to heal.

No more dressings or temporary ones I took two weeks off work the docs say one week but that’s not enough you need at least two weeks.

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Aray2018 in reply to Ryanr

How did you manage to return to work with the wound fully exposed to the mercy of clothes? Did the stiches protest or try to bleed out when you had to resume work after having the dressings removed?

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Ryanr in reply to Aray2018

I had no problems what so ever my dressing came off the first day after my op and after the second week I could wear boxers comfortably.

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Aray2018 in reply to Ryanr

Hey i am at day 14 and can see 50 % stiches dissolved already however I am still being extra cautious about not getting the area wet as it might disturb the dissolving process. However the only concern that I have so far is the stubborn blood clot that sits right beneath the head of penis near the frenulum. Is it OK to leave that particular clot area as it is with absolutely no contact with water and expect it to dry and fall off on its own in the upcoming weeks.Whats your thought on this from your personal experience?

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Ryanr in reply to Aray2018

You can shower and bath just don’t stay in too long try to keep it as dry as possible and leave the clot it will eventually scab up and drop off also don’t use a gauze or bandage you need to leave it and let it dry out.

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Cipher in reply to Aray2018

You can use a gauze on your penis that has vaseline on it to help you transition.

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