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Blood in penis after circumcision


Ok, so i was peeing and i saw blood come out of the scar that was under the head of the penis. I tried to wash it away and it was not working, it kept bleeding. 2 hours after i got circumcised i had to get sent back for bleeding problems cause the doctor forgot to close a blood vein, it really hurt, im getting off topic. Its been 2 weeks now and i feel super scared. If someone can help please do.

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Do you mean 2 weeks since bleed or 2 week since op?

2 weeks since circumcision

Scared about what and what do you need help with. Its a bit of a general question :)

Scared of circumcision complications, and i want to know if it is

Well there is always a possibility of complications with every procedure but the risks of complications are rather low. Usually, there is no need to stress out honestly just be patient and don't read too many articles on the internet about possible complications ^^. Unless you have continued bleeding (heavy bleeding, a little blood is fine from the incision point), unusual redness, fever or yellow bad smelling puss (not to be mistaken with the normal yellowish liquid that is part of the healing) then you should be doing fine. The biggest problem usually after circumcision is sensitivity of the penis glans and erections during nights.

Thank you so much i was so scared, 😀

If you are still having issues with bleeding after 2 weeks I would get doc to take a look for reassurance.

Post a pic of wound and search others on here and you will be able to compare healing and issues with others. We're all in the same boat.

Not reading other answers, but, once u start bleeding they say to put a clean cloth'', or in my case, i just use toilet paper... but that could be wrong, anyway, put pressure on it untill it stops bleeding. I put pressure on my little wounds for about 1-2 minutes, but you can do it for 5-15 minutes they say. repeat each time it starts bleeding some sores on my penis still bleed slightly.. but now it's only very LITTLE bleeding. If you are bleeding, ALOT, and can't stop it, goto emergency room or to your Urologist.

Those are my suggestions, but im not a physician.

EDIT : Oh, and I don't know but in my case I am not going to put anything on it for maybe a day or two (no vaseline, antibotic)

I feel like letting it air dry helps it alot.

Thank you for helping me guys so much, it stopped bleeding so feel relieved 😀

I had blood only once while i peed it just run blood from under the head of the penis not from the head but it was only that no so serious bleeding. Consult doctor.

It sounds as though the doctor's mistake now has been corrected.

Circumcision is serious surgery with a long list of complications. The complications can be divided into hemorrhage, infection, and surgical mishap.

timmyboy20 in reply to Bucky85

That is absolutely not true. You keep repeating the lies. A circumcision is a minor surgery. Therefore the list of possible complications is very short! Why do you keep telling lies? Your anti-circumcision feelings clearly have the upper hand on the truth.

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20

Dear Timmy:

You seem to be unaware that circumcision is an amputation that totally excises a body part. Any surgery that excises a body part is considered to be radical surgery


Radical surgery is major surgery and it can have major complications up to and including death.

I suppose that you did not research the risks, losses, degradation of function, and other drawbacks before you consented to your operation.

Here is a loss list that might jog your memory to recall some things that you have lost.

timmyboy20 in reply to Bucky85

The American Academy of Pediatrics wrote : "Reports of two large series have suggested that the complication rate is somewhere between 0.2% and 0.6%. Most of the complications that do occur are minor. The most frequent complication, bleeding, is seen in ∼0.1% of circumcisions. It is quite rare to need transfusion after a circumcision because most bleeding episodes can be handled quite well with local measures (pressure, hemostatic agents, cautery, sutures). Infection is the second most common of the complications, but most of these infections are minor and are manifest only by some local redness and purulence."

They also stated there is no loss. It's rather the opposite: "A survey of adult males using self-report suggests more varied sexual practice and less sexual dysfunction in circumcised adult men."

About the so called loss of sensitivity they write: "there is no difference in exteroceptive and light tactile discrimination on the ventral or dorsal surfaces of the glans penis between circumcised and uncircumcised men."

Well Bucky, I rather believe the findings of the AAP than believing the nonsense that's been written on the anti-circumcision websites

How do they even measure sensitivity, cut guys usually last longer so their less sensitive in my opinion, tbh I would not want to last longer because my gf atm cums round about the same time👍 and if the sensitivity was increased they would cum faster, also don’t say about it being all mental because it isn’t, it’s partially mental and partially physical. But this is not a site for anti circumcision guys or pro circumcision guys just give people advice on it, that’s what they want.

I only quoted the AAP in response to the anti-circumcision crap from Bucky. I don't wanna start a discussion pro or contra circumcision. I only notice whenever someone asks something about his penis the anti-circumcision members immediately jump on it.


I agree with you. In answer to your specific question, sensation is measured with a Semmes-Weinstein monofilament touch-test sensory evaluator.

Here is the paper:

This is from the Men’s Health Forum website.

Is circumcision safe?

It is generally accepted that there are serious complications in perhaps 2% of medical circumcisions — 1 in 50. (Figures are obviously higher if the surgeon or hygiene practices are below hospital standard.) Complications include bleeding, infection, ulceration and psychological and sexual problems.

The operation is generally carried out under local anaesthetic for boys and general anaesthetic for men. Usually, the patient is discharged the same day but many describe the operation and its aftermath as painful.

May I remind you that the Men’s Health Forum isn't a medical organization.

No, you are correct, they are a charity organisation based in the uk to help improve men’s health, they collect their information from other sources, like WHO, the NHS, Guys and St Thomas’s and Cochrane review!

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20


The AAP report, which you cite, was published by a trade association of doctors who profit by performing infant circumcision. They are not about to kill the goose that lays such golden eggs. It is highly selective in the evidence it cites and excludes that which does not support its predetermined position. It is highly biased in favour of infant circumcision and cannot be trusted.

You need to realize that most male American doctors were circumcised as infants so they have never had a foreskin and do not understand the function of the foreskin.

Are you aware that American paediatric urologists spend much of their time trying to undo the damage caused by infant circumcision?

The circumcised men who report more varied sexual practice cannot get satisfaction in the normal way with a desensitised circumcised penis because of their LOSS of sensation, which is why they experiment with weird practices. Are you one of the circumcised men who has to engage in weird practices in an attempt to get satisfaction?

Here is a general discussion of the problem with the AAP statements:


Here is a specific criticism of that 2012 AAP statement by European doctors.


You see the United States of America, where you live, is alone in the world in its infant circumcision practise.

Anyway, it is therapeutic adult circumcision which is discussed here, not infant non-therapeutic circumcision, so the AAP propaganda is not relevant.

ZombyWoof in reply to Bucky85

None of the evidence you cite is peer reviewed in a respected journal.

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20


The AAP is a trade association of physicians that make money from doing circumcisions. They aren't going to say anything bad about it. It is horribly biased in favor of cutting baby boys and bringing in money for doctors.

timmyboy20 in reply to Bucky85

And you are so biased in favor of your anti-circumcision movement. Get a life man!

Hidden in reply to timmyboy20

I’ve only been visiting the site for three weeks (post op), and the zealous anti-circ crowd’s incessant and predictable copy and paste comments are quite tiring.

Of course there are inherent risks to any operation, and not every situation demands a circumcision. But in some instances, such as my own, alternative treatments yielded no success.

Bucky85 in reply to Hidden

The same questions tend to recur frequently. By having prepared answers one can do a better job of providing information.

Did circumcision work for you? In some cases it is a blessing.

ZombyWoof in reply to Bucky85

Except you keep posting the same crap over and over even when there's only a really tenuous link to the original question.

I swear to god if you keep this crap up Bucky I'm going to have my own copy and pasted responses prepared to post after your comments. And they'll be fully researched and backed up with peer reviewed journal evidence to tell the other side of the story.

Hidden in reply to Bucky85

Hi Bucky, that’s reasonable.

Jury’s still out as I’ve only just passed the 3 week mark, but looking at the multitude of pictures I took for reference in the months leading to the op, I think, in my case, it can be categorised as a blessing haha

Bucky85 in reply to Hidden

If a man starts with a healthy, normal foreskin, then a circumcision is likely have negative consequences. On the other hand, if a man starts with a diseased or deformed foreskin, then a circumcision is likely be have positive consequences and be a blessing.

Medical science has progressed in the last 30 years in the treatment of issues with the foreskin, so many issues today can be successfully treated in a conservative manner that preserves the foreskin. Unfortunately that information has not been broadly disseminated.

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20

It looks as though you are here just as much as anyone.

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20

British physicians report a complication rate of 2 to 10 percent.

The AAP is untrustworthy.

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