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Head of penis feels soft when erect after circumcision


It’s now nine weeks post circumcision for me. I have a concern, the head of my penis feels soft when I get an erection. Before I got circumcised, it felt hard when I got an erection. It was almost as hard as the rest of my penis but now it’s way too soft. Does anyone relate or know what could be wrong?

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There is nothing wrong in this. Your glans felt hard before due to phomosis tightness. Now that you are circumcised the glans is soft as it should be to facilitate penetration during sex. I hope this answers your question.

Circumcision severs blood vessels, especially the frenular artery, so less blood is going to your penis.

Hidden in reply to Bucky85

I disagree with this. I’ve never had better erections since my circumcision if anything more blood is going in never been so hard before while erect!

Bucky85 in reply to Hidden

Apparently your experience is different from that of Methodman99.

hpmatthews in reply to Bucky85

Bucky85, It would be easier to read your posts if you would stop being an anti-circumcision freak

Bucky85 in reply to hpmatthews

I simply report the truth. Many do not want to hear the truth.

At1012 in reply to Bucky85

I find it so disgusting that they remove the frenulum during circumcision. I am very thankful that they left my complete frenulum when I was circumcised as an infant, obviously without my permission lol :)

Bucky85 in reply to At1012

There are a lot of nerves in the frenulum so it usually helps sensation to have an intact frenulum.

It's been 9 weeks. It'll take more time to recover.

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