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Head after circumcision

Hey you guys! (In the voice of sloth).

Have any of you noticed the change happening in the head of your penis?

I’m three weeks cut. My penis hangs more to the right in my pants. Noticed the skin becoming a bit more dry on the left of the head, probably all the contact with my underwear. I wear boxer-briefs.

Thinking of trying to hang left to even out the right hand side.

That sound like a good plan?!

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Not sure when your circumcision was done but after it, the head goes through a "peeling" phase. So that might be the dryness you are referring to and is perfectly normal.

As for the sides, has your penis been perfectly straight before, going right down the middle? Some curving can still be caused by swelling that is most likely still going on. I wouldn't generally worry about it unless it causes some sort of discomfort.


Hey, I need to put my penis to the side when I am wearing underwear. Otherwise not everything fits in place, and I end up having to tuck it under the balls and that’s not comfy if I sit down!!

I am three weeks into circumcision. So the other side will naturally just ‘peel’ regardless then? :)


Tuck your dick under your balls ... what?

When wearing tight underwear, put a gauze with vaseline around your head so it reduces friction in your pants.

Peeling of the head naturally occurs all over the place, however the friction against your pants might be accelerating it or maybe even causing irritation. Use the methods I mentioned above. Be sure to use medical vaseline and no fragrance stuff or "lube vaseline"

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As in, if I don’t put it aside. I would either have to be naked or sit on it.

I did the Vaseline thing. But it was just too greasy for my liking.

Drying it doesn’t bother me, just wanting to make sure it was normal. :)


Whatever naturally happens let it happen

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I like the Sloth voice, now I have Zoopilis in my mind !

Probably a good idea to move it around in your pants, as it where, to equalise any contact. Most people say it is unnecessary but I have been using a thin smear of moisturising cream or Cocoa butter to reduce drying. The thought of it being completely dry doesn't appeal.


Yeah. But aren’t you going to end up with a pile of suspicious looking underwear stains?


Because a normal penis comes complete with a foreskin, if we have this appendage cut off there will be negative consequences. That's a 'given' which we must all learn to cope with.

The now permanently exposed glans (head) is open to the elements. Nature kicks in and tries to compensate. It will grow a toughened layer of tissue over the glans, called keratinization. Moopmoop, I think this may be the 'dryness' you speak about.

As for which way your penis now hangs, does it really matter? If we all walked about naked as we did several thousand years ago. our penis would hang straight down! It's the clothes we wear today that tend to alter this -

Wearing trousers or jeans, the fly opening makes us use our right hand to unzip. And if we normally wear trunks for underwear, our penis will generally be pushed to left. But wearing close-fitting briefs allows us to trap our genitals in any position we wish. So I suggest you use briefs, as I do.

I can hardly believe I'm discussing this - but here I am doing just that! Why? Because I was circumcised as an adult, and can empathise with any other man, circumcised or not, who has issues of his own.


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