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Early stages of diabetes - started to have premature ejaculation problems

Hello all.

I'm a bit of a stress case at the moment. I'm starting to get treatment for diabetes after being in denial for a few months. I am 56 years old.

In the past couple of weeks I've developed a premature ejaculation problem.

I have no problem attaining an erection - it all goes haywire after that.

Does anyone know if this is related to diabetes or something else like stress?

At the moment it feels like one more thing to deal with and get me down (my wife ain't too thrilled either).

So I'm just trying to figure out a course of action and I guess that begins with figuring out if it's psychological, biological or neurological, etc.

Many thanks

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Is it type 2 diabeties? If so, that can very often be reversed by weight loss - in which case the issue may be resolved. Just a suggestion


Premature ejaculation is usually down to psychological issues.

Anxiety is a big factor.

Some drugs from your GP may help and you will get them free in the UK!


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