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Pain on foreskin after opening outer skin of a penis


Hello, I have a little problem with my penis, I'm not circumcised but i want to.. But i have a little problem that i think will make me live unhappy and in pain after. When I folder my outer skin of my penis and touch the inner skin, It hurts very much, I haven't got any woulds or anything it looks normal. So which made me think when I get circumcised I will be in a lot of pain wearing pants as It hurts, Is this some sort of disease? Some one who knows please help me out so I can find a fix, Thank you

16 years old if applicable

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Glans sensation

You are blessed with a protective, highly-innervated, erogenous full-length foreskin. Many unforeskinned guys would envy your foreskin. You display great wisdom in wanting to avoid circumcision,

You should thank your parents for protecting your physical integrity. Because of your physical integrity you will be able to have sex the way nature intended it.


One of many functions of the foreskin is to protect the glans penis from abrasion and to moisten it to keep it moist and sensitive.

It is normal for the glans penis (head of the penis) to be very sensitive when the foreskin is retracted for the first time since birth.

There is no particular reason to touch the head so if it is sensitive to touch, then one may simply avoid touching it. Keeping the foreskin forward over the glans penis also prevents pain.

Nevertheless, most guys would prefer less sensation. Exposing the glans penis to air allows it to dry and is usually effective at reducing sensitivity.

When one retracts for the first time, one usually finds a large deposit of smegma that has been accumulating there harmlessly since birth. It is benign and harmless and one should not worry unduly about it. It may be cleaned off for esthetic reasons. If it is caked on, then soaking it in olive oil will soften it and permit its removal.

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Not you again. Can you stop with that nature bullshit? If someone has a problem or wants to get circumcised than its his decision. Not yours. Just stop, I am tired of seeing this comment over and over again on every post

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Medical ethics require that a patient receive full and complete information about the proposed intervention so the patient can make an informed decision.


Show it to a surgeon or urologist

Its normal. When you have a foreskin to cover your penis' head with it, it becomes very sensitive. If you get circumcised you will get used to the penis sticking to pants in about a month. Your thing is okay and you shouldnt be worried about. If there is no rash or anything then its healthy.

so it's ok if i just exposed my penis and it hurts right? it mainly hurts because it sticks to my underwear is it normal?


I’m 16 and I have been circumcised just the other week and yeah it was very sensitive and had the slightest pain sometimes, not gonna lie. But your foreskin is protecting your inner skin (glans) and this makes sex more enjoyable as this is where holds the sensitivity.

I only suggest getting circumcised if you need to for a specific reason like maybe you have Phimosis and don’t know it, or keep getting infections or other symptoms. I had the procedure done because sex wasn’t a enjoyable as my foreskin wouldn’t retract properly and comfortably

Hope this helped!

Timetoprosper offers good advice there. The discomfort you are feeling is normal, it is a very sensitive area and as you get older the sensitivity will reduce with use, not always a good thing ? Providing you can clean and it is not painful during normal use then do not worry.

Circumcision should be considered as a last resort.

I'm not sure that people reading this understand the possibility that his glans is more sensitive than most. Just like some people have 50 tastebuds per square cm on their tongue, and others have 500 per square cm, his glans may be way more sensitive than yours. If that's true, it might also be true that if this fellow is circumcised, the sensitivity may be a constant and strong irritation for the rest of his life. Or, maybe not. I'm no doctor, but it's something to consider, right? - Jeremy,

The sensitivity will go down when it keratinises.

Don’t be ridiculous. There is no benefit to circumcision. Go to to learn methods to preserve your foreskin and enjoy it.

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