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Me and my health....


Hi all... New here. So there's a couple of things going on with me at the moment. Firstly, I'm finding it impossible to get my diabetes under control. There are days when I'm all fired up and ready to battle it but then there are the days where I'm totally defeated by it and couldn't give a rats ass if it ever gets under control. This has led to two side problems...

Firstly, I have developed phimosis which means I cannot pull back my foreskin due it being super tight. I have a constant infection as I cannot get in there to clean it properly and I've had nearly 2 years of my urinary tract burning when I pee. I cannot get an circumcision due to my HBa1C levels being too high and the NHS fearful that I would not heal properly.

Secondly, this has led to a lingering depression which I cannot break out of. My wife believes that pills such as sertraline are the way forward but I hate the way they make me feel....

I guess I don't know if I'm asking anything at all or simply using this forum as a way to get everything down and out my system; at least in digital form.

Thanks for taking the time to read this... Its appreciated.

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This is a helpful plan to cut calories snd carbohydrates. My last HbA1c was 35.

I was also given exercise on prescription by my GP. It involved a12 week local gym membership and a subscription to That came with a free set of smart scales and a free fitbit.

What medication are you on?

Take care

usurper in reply to Osidge

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I'm on novomix 30. Twice daily injections at 20 units. I might ask about the gym thing...

OsidgeModerator in reply to usurper

Worth an ask. Are you taking the right amount of insulin for your carbohydrate intake? Type 1 or Type 2?

usurper in reply to Osidge

I have no idea you know.. Still uncontrolled after 3 years and the docs think that I might be slow onset type 1.

OsidgeModerator in reply to usurper

If your insulin has no relationship to the amount of carbs you eat then you will never control your blood sugars. They can test you for Type 1 to see if you are producing any of your own insulin. You might also need to introduce metformin into your regime to deal with any insulin resistance. Above all, you need to sit down with a diabetic nurse specialist to ensure you know all that you need to know to deal with your diabetes. You might also find this forum helpful: or the helpline here: You really need to trackle this or you run the risk of serious complications such as nerve damage, gangrene, blindness, kidney problems and erectile dysfunction.

Hey! I’m diabetic type 1, live in the UK! I know it can be quite hard to keep on top of blood levels but maybe try looking into Libre sensors? They go onto your arm and constantly check your sugar levels in 5 minute intervals, I get mine on the NHS so not sure if it would cost you much but it’s seriously helped me keep myself under control, no more pricking fingers etc!

Secondly I have been on sertraline before and I hated it, felt horrible all the time and had a nasty side effect of clenching my jaw all the time, I’m now on mirtazapine and the have been for over a year now, never felt better if I’m honest but you never know what will work for you!

All the best

IP_Nightly in reply to Gclarke20

Mirtazapine made me put on loads of weight. Now lost.

Gclarke20 in reply to IP_Nightly

I can’t put weight on at all for some reason, I’ve put on about a stone since I started mirtazapine, I’ve been almost 6/7 stone all my life but now I’m 8 stone

IP_Nightly in reply to Gclarke20

Hope all continues to be ok.

you should have your penis looked at in a sexual health clinic to assess for lichen sclerosus

Hello pleased to meet you..

Please if can suggest the following.

For Diabetes if not already a member look at this website.

For depression and any mental health charities would be the way forward.

They do take clientele with additional illness conditions as well mental health.

Offer floating support wellbeing health any thing else mental health, support. Good with attending Doctors medical professionals any problems..

Also sign post to relevent support groups regarding your diabetes.

Please if can help with any thing please ask have qualifications in diet, nutrition..

Am one of the volunteers on the Diabetes India website..

Please take care

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