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Dry Peeling Penis skin solution? (Pic included)

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I recently got circumcised about 3 months ago to solve a recurrent yeast infection issue I had been having for a few months. I was also tested shortly after (4 months after last sexual partner) and came up negative for ALL STDS. Also tested for diabetes and came out well under the amount of fasting blood sugar (2x over 2 months) as well as some other blood test (A1C?).

Recently, however, I've noticed on and off irritation along with dry skin on the top of the crown of my penis seemingly every other morning as well as a few hours after I shower.

I don't use any harsh soaps down there, I wear fitted clothes, there is no discharge, no swelling, no bumps or blisters, but there is slight redness and dry skin flakes.

Has anyone else had this issue or know of a solution to this problem? Could a yeast infection have returned? Could it simply be chafing from underwear since it's mainly at the top of the head? Does Balanitis cause these symptoms? What creams are safe to apply to this sensitive area?

I'm seeing a Dermatologist on the 4th but I would like to try some OTC solutions before I start to freak out too much. Thus far I only wash with cold or lukewarm water and gently scrub off the dead skin and dry thoroughly and I'm good for most of the day afterwards. I do have sensitive skin in general and have had scalp/face skin issues when taking hot showers so I've toned those down significantly/apply lotion where appropriate and that seems to help.

20 Replies
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Hi bud let me know what the dermatology says? I have the same problem sometimes it’s just dry skin I got told it’s where it rubs in boxers and that I got circumsised in June due to phimosis AND yeast infections constantly have you tried any moisturise on it ? Or even Vaseline ? That will help a lot keep it moisturised

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IndominusMex in reply to Chris3108

I haven't tried any moisturizer as I was originally told before circumcision not to put anything down there. Then again with foreskin I see why that'd be bad but I'm unsure if it still aplies now. Was thinking of trying aquafore or eucerin since they seem to be the gentlest out there with great reviews online. Out of town for now but may experiement with this when I'm back home Monday and follow up with once a day application after a shower.

Im almost certain it's just dryness as it's where the boxers rub and a shower or quick wash with water usually helps rid of any tightness/flakes for a short while and this isn't painful at all compared to my original yeast infection.

I'll be sure to pass along any info with the creams or from the dermatologist come my appt!

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Chris3108 in reply to IndominusMex

Okay mate let me know yeah it just seems and looks like dry skin I got 50/50 liquid parrifin ointment which I use on mine and it gets rid of mine almost instantly so mention that at dermotogist I suffer with eczema so yeah, but seems to me that it’s just dry skin so try moisturise it trust me

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IndominusMex in reply to Chris3108

Been a while, but colder showers, sensitive soap change, pat dry not air drying or excessive drying off with towel/keeping exposed to air helped

Might it not just be as a result of the normal keratinisation process as your glans adjusts to not having the foreskin? Many guys have used coconut oil to moisturise for this and reported it being useful.

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I was under the impression that process ended after a few weeks or month post circumcision? It def peeled significantly more previously, stopped at the 1.5month point and now it's acting up again.

in reply to IndominusMex

I’m not sure how long it takes. Probably depends on the individual and how exposed the glans was previously.

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Looks fine. No infection. The stitch swelling will go down. I used to sit in the bath with a very mild antiseptic mixed in, very diluted. Kind of like dettoll or the like. Then keep it very dry. Do not use creams of any description. Don’t let it chafe at all. It is looking good and you will be pleased with the result. I love mine and I am so pleased that I had it done. Sex takes longer and it is less sensitive, but I am really happy. Good luck on the 4th. But no creams. The crown is normal. Toy have just exposed the glans. Before my op I retracted my foreskin for months to get used to it. Good luck and well done

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IndominusMex in reply to Broadbandbill

Oh so you're saying the keritization process may take months?! Wow. I thought that was a few weeks!! Yeah I had showed my urologist this issue a few weeks after my OP and complained about slight irritation and redness and he said it looked more like dryness and chafing than say a prolonged yeast infection. Said he'd see a bunch of red dots, itching and more redness if it was an infection.

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It looks as though you may still have a yeast infection. The cure for yeast (fungal) infection is drugs, not surgery.

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IndominusMex in reply to Bucky85

So I had taken 2 weeks of Ketoconazole cream from a urologist before this after complaining of redness and irritation. Doc mentioned he didn't think it was yeast and more due to chafing due to no red "satellite" dots, significant redness itchiness or consistently pain as one would expect with it. Not to mention how dry it looks.

I'll def bring that up with the dermatologist though.

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Bucky85 in reply to IndominusMex

Try some Monistat.


You might also try an over-the-counter athlete’s foot medicine that contain clotrimazole.

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try wash it gel without soap. you can use bio oil for example, to moisturaizing and improving scar looking.

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I'm assuming because it's not only a good moisturizer but also antibacterial/antifungal? I've seen that being tossed around, just not sure what to look for/avoid in a coconut oil OTC. Any suggestions?

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It looks to me as just being dry skin. I had it too. There's a simple solution: keep the head moisturized! Try to use natural moisturizers like coconut oil or even better shea butter. It works fine!

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bro are you fine now ?

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IndominusMex in reply to rahul619

Yeah just stuck to more lukewarm/colder showers, dove sensitive soap and patting dry not over the top drying. It went away on its own and dermatologist also said it was probably regular keritization process taking longer and colder weather making it act up moreso (I went overboard making sure it was dry after all the yeast infection drama when I was uncircumcised)

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siddhu123 in reply to rahul619

Rahul kya aap teekh huye ho ..mai bhi pichle 4 minths se pareshan hu pls help mee

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bro .. i also have dry flaky penis glans ... i am worried. i use coconut oil on it. but i does not affect me .... but my skin peels only at the time i masturbate. if i dont masturbate my skin stay fine.

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How long did it take to go away

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