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Circumcision for recurring yeast infection

Hey, I have recurring yeast infection probably owing to a spike in my glucose levels (I'm v young, 21 y/o) and I'm considering getting the surgery done, since the complications will reoccur again at some point in the future, just wanted to know if there will be a permanent end to Yeast infections once circumcised. Anybody having a clue about it, Pl respond

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Can you not just clean behind your foreskin everyday in bath or shower and dry off properly?


I do wash it twice a day, but i have been told its due to the sugar in my urine that causes it to reoccur, and the urine, i can't help a little staying on after a tinkle.

Just want to know if a circumcision will put an end to this


There is no guarantee of eradicating yeast infections until you remove the cause. Get the sugar under control through dietary measures. Also, avoid washing inside your foreskin with soap. Be sure to continue use of a yeast cream.


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