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Salt baths and cold towel after circumcision due to swelling and infection. Yes or no?


I had a circumcision 9 days ago and have a lot of swelling (please see me previous posts with pics).

I have heard a lot of people are trying salt baths. Are they safe and effective?

How would I go about making a salt bath?

My suregon told me to avoid getting any baths as I have disolveable stiches.

Please let me know, thanks

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From 48 hours post op I had shower every morning and salt bath every night. Surgeon suggested salt baths to promote healing. I bought a load of drums of table salt from Aldi. About 30p per drum. I just used to put half a tub on the bath whilst hot water running to dissolve. Don't make bath too deep or it will not be strong enough. Just deep enough to cover your bits.

I used to soak for around 20 mins answer swish penis aroind in the salt water too.

After 2 weeks my stitches had not fallen out and were really uncomfortable so I visited the nurse who removed them all there and then.

She said they done their job at 2 weeks and could be removed.

Healing accelerates dramatically when stitches out.

I'm really pleased with mine now atb5 weeks post op.

Started having sex again at 4 weeks and it was amazing. Felt so much better and more intense than before.

Ren97 in reply to Daz81

Hi Dazi1, thanks a lot for the reply and for the thorough information, I am very pleased that you have recovered well! One more question I would like to ask - Can I use the salt bath despite having dissolvable stiches? Have the nurses oulled out your stiches that were dissolvable? And anither very important question: can you pull your foreskin back as I can't seem to at the moment. Thanks again

Daz81 in reply to Ren97

I had dissolvable stitches too. Salt baths didn't really affect them. Stitches were really uncomfortable for me. Felt like tight cheese wire round my bellend! Went to see nurse and she just removed them all on day 14. She said at 14 days they'd done what was needed and could be removed. Healing is much quicker once stitches gone.

Whilst I was still swollen I couldn't really pull foreskin back completely but from around 3 weeks it went all way back.

Pics in link below shows shortly after op. Last 2 show fully retracted at 4 weeks.

I can't leave mine alone now!

Hope this helps.

I’ve heard the same my op was 7 days ago and still have quite a lot of swelling I’m told it takes 2-3 weeks for the swelling to go down. I’m going to try a salt bath tomorrow night I imagine it stings like I heard one guy say he puts dettol in his bath

Ren97 in reply to MightyMee

Thanks for replying Mightymee, I think I will join with attemoting the salt bath today! Let me know how it goes. Also with regards to your swelling, does it look like in my penis or is it different? Please see my previous posts. I'm trying to rule out if swelling in that region is normal so would help a lot since idk what to do. Thanks

MightyMee in reply to Ren97

Hi REN, I spoke with my consultant today and he’s recommended the salt bath warm water and swish the penis around and gently pull back the skin as much as you can

Ren97 in reply to MightyMee

Great news, I will try that later. Hopefully it doesn't sting too much😂 as for pulling the foreskin I'm a little reluctant but might give it a try. Dont want to disturb any dried up blood

MightyMee in reply to Ren97

Yeah I was told gently pull back but don’t hurt yourself over it. It’s like getting erections hurt me at the moment but the consultant said it’s good to have an erection as the skin needs to know it’s to stretch etc

johnfr in reply to MightyMee

I maybe the dettol man! My own Dr advised it, something antibacterial. Salt is the natural way, now that im writing i have no idea whats in dettol. I used two caps for a bath and made sure to have enough water so that ( i assume all mens penis' float up?!) it covered everything. I chilled out for 20 min then dried off, patted dry with paper towels the penis/sutures etc and then air dried for the evening. It didnt sting at all for me. I reduced the two capfuls to one capful as i felt it was a bit much. Im healing really well now and nearly fully healed. Stictches didnt come out when bathing but they have all came out at day 24.

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