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Circumcision Infection?



I was circumcised 3 weeks ago, and recently noticed a yellow crust on the underside of the penis, most noticeable after bathing. I've tried to scrape it off, but not completely able to due to sensitivity.

I've attached a photo.

Is this likely to be an infection? Would appreciate any tips and reassurance.



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Is there discharge? It doesnt look infected. Use cream/lotion or olive or coconut oil and gently try to rub it off and see if that will move it.

It doesn’t look infected brother that’s for sure what I would probably assume that it is, is dry skin. Add bath oil to your baths they helped me a lot. Rest easy.. it looks fine.

try bathing in salt water might help

Try washing it with a warm salt solution it will wash off but do it gently


Thanks guys, think it's getting better (see latest post for pic)


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