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Circumcision day 3

I was circumcised on Monday late afternoon. This is my 3rd day of recovery and I'm worried. The photo is from the underside of my penis. I have this big weird growth like a rubber ring going around the left side of my penis from my frenulum. Also there is a bit of yellow on the wound as you can see on pic. It doesn't smell as of yet.

I don't know if Im supposed to keep it uncovered as much a possible or keep it wrapped in gauze?

I cannot get the wound wet until 4 days as well, so I cannot shower until tomorrow. I'm worried about it hurting in shower as well

Anyone else circumcised lately or has been through this? I cannot really walk around with clothes on either so stuck in bedroom all these days, head is too sensitive (never been exposed before op)

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Hi there. Having had this procedure when I was 32, I feel for you. I hope your username isn't really suggestive of you regretting having the procedure done. I am sure you will find it to have been worthwhile in the coming weeks, months and years.

Three days isn't really that long after any external surgical procedure - even if it does seem like it! I was 'cut' many years ago and I appreciate that things were done differently in those days.

I'm not surprised you're in pain. I don't want to be the harbinger of bad news, but it will take time before the sensitivity reduces. From memory I had a device that kept the bedclothes off my body and enable me to sleep in comfort. Once the wound had started to heal and I was able to leave the sanctuary of my bed, I wore reasonably tight-fitting underpants that kept my penis close to my body and stopped the glans from being stimulated which allowed me to move around in comparative comfort.

I was told by the hospital to have frequent salt baths (I don't know whether this is still recommended) but I am sure these helped speed the healing process.

As always, if you are in any way worried don't hesitate to see your doctor.

I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.


Thank you for your kind words. I have to sleep in tight briefs packed with vaseline gauze, as well as on wrapped around my penis. The head is too sensitive for regular contact. I'm not getting decent sleep and just feel low about everything. My sick note runs out 2 weeks from Monday just gone and I'm due to start a new job.


I do understand how you're feeling, but please don't get discouraged; I can say that from my personal experience because I thought I'd never be able to stand up, wear loose clothes or sleep in comfort again, but I did. May I ask where you live? Are you UK-based? I can easily see that it's very unfortunate that you've got a new job to go to, but if necessary you may just need to delay your start date and get a covering letter/certificate from your doctor (they can be very sensitive in their description of the reason for issuing the certificate). Not an ideal situation, I know, but sometimes things just don't go as planned and we have to deal with reality the way it is. Do consider the salt baths and meanwhile 'google' 'Adjustable Bed Cradles'. These are used to keep bedclothes from touching the skin. Great for gout - and painful penises!! I had one and it made a huge difference to my sleeping pattern. All the very best - and keep positive and cheerful (even if it seems nigh-impossible at the moment. It will get easier, I promise you).


Yes I live in UK. I will consider salt baths (do they hurt) as of now I'm not allowed to soak the wound for 4 days after surgery so tomorrow evening will be my first shower which I'm nervous about (I don't own a bath)


Do look out for the bed cradles. If you do get one, you may even be able to remove your briefs and let the air begin to aid the healing process. No, I didn't find the salt baths particularly bothersome, but as you don't have a bath it might be academic anyway- unless you have a relative or good friend who will give you access to theirs or (and this sounds mildly ridiculous, I know) you can somehow immerse your penis in a container of some sort. If and when you shower, let the water trickle down your back and you may find that the best way to have your initial wash. I found that getting the correct water temperature was most important to having a comfortable wash. But you don't need me to tell you all these obvious points; you'll find what works best for you. Good luck - and here's to a rapid healing!


They don’t hurt unless u use a lot of salt ....but like They said they do help with the healing I can attest to that and am just on day 7.i don’t have a bath either warm water salt and lil bucket


It's not normal. Meet your surgeon , you may need Antibiotics and bit of corrective surgery


Well I am on day 7 after my op.first couple of days 3-4 u should keep it covered till the bleeding stops at list.it starts to dry out by day 5


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