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How long after circumcision should I keep my penis pointing upwards?


Got circumcised a week ago and am feeling no pain at all in the area of my penis. I shower troughoutly every second day while being mindful of the stitches and can already see the scar is healing well. My question is, can/should I stop holding my penis upwards with the pads? Can I just point it downwards and use the pads? Thanks beforehand and have a nice weekend ^_^

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Yeah after the 48 hr of my circumcision I just let it sit straight downwards from there. Never really used any gauze, since my doctor told me it heals better being exposed to air. I just clean the area and put Neosporin. Hope this helps. I'm new to this as well.

Thanks. Will try and see how it goes with just walking normally, then if it hurts imma go and try some Neosporin

does neosporin actually works..???

becoz i too started apply neosporin from today onwards becouse frenulum and the area surrounding it still dint heal it seems.Frenulum is blood clotted and still reddish..I fear whether i will lose ma frenulum..ive done circmsn 10days ago..

Let it go!

Lyti in reply to allstar1979

If you are comfortable with it. But it helps swelling and any friction to stiches. I did stay until two weeks being upwards. Iam in my 4 th week now so yeah.

Removed my absorbing pads and net undies yesterday and other than the glans being sensitive to my pants, I do not experience any discomfort or pain

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