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Anyone have issues having to 'squeeze' ejaculate out after climaxing?

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Bit of a weird one but I've noticed in recent months that when I cum, after the initial 'burst', the semen almost just stays in the urethra. I have to 'squeeze' my penis like it's an aluminium tube to get the rest out. It isn't painful, or even particularly unpleasant but it's clearly not 'normal', compared to what should happen for me.

I'm 37, and have read that these sorts of things start to happen as you get older. It's nothing to worry about but is it normal at this age?

Also, I'm under investigation for a lot of other health issues. I'm almost certain I'll be receiving a diagnosis of chronic fatigue, with a side order of functional nerve disorder. I'm beginning to wonder whether the ejaculation losing its 'power' is caused by one - or both - of these things.

Any thoughts?

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If it is like Aluminium tube, it is dangerous, vagina will tear. It should be like Cucumber. Anyway if some sperm remains you can squeeze out, no problem. I have seen after peeing some sperms come out .Read the book - " It's normal " by Dr Watsa

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Sorry, didn't mean my penis is literally like an aluminium tube. I was just likening me having to squeeze the semen out to how you'd have to squeeze mayonnaise out of a tube.

My penis is fine, but ejaculation doesn't have the same power it used to is what I'm saying.

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It's a natural process. I understand the jerk is not same. Acceleration reduces over time, but if orgasm is same , what's your problem ? 37 is not a very old age. Keep on enjoying .

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Do you write in Urdu and use google translator?

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Haha, true.

Hey bud, your pretty much right possible age thing! 41 here n last few years been much the same maybe 2/3 bursts n then trickle and ease remaining out, I have some other medical stuff going on and on some meds too though

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If that's the case, it's actually a relief! Have had an issue with blood clotting on the foreskin too, for about 18 months. Really makes sex life a bit harder. But don't think the other issue is age related.

Hopefully this is!

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Don’t no anything about blood clotting buddy, ejaculation problems going on a while for me I think combination of meds side effects and prostitis along with my health problems 🙄 hopefully things will improve for you, shout if you need to chat/discuss buddy

Thanks, nowhard. I will have a look into kegels. One of the possible side effects, I believe, of FND and CF is muscle-weakening, so that could explain the problem.

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