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Right side abdominal pain


Hi all,

I'm a 26 y male in reasonable good health.

But the past month or so I've been getting right side abdominal pain which pretty much starts at the belly button and wraps around to the right flank and back. It's constant but more annoying than pain altho some food can cause it to get worse. Only other symptom is a change in bowel movements, I use to go a twice a day which was normal for me but now it's more little and often with my bowel movements taking on a more "thin" appearance. I've not changed my diet and don't smoke or drink. Blood and urine tests have all come back clear so GP is sending me for an ultrasound but waiting time is looking like another month. I'm pretty worried which is probably aggravating it. Appetite is the same and I don't seem to be losing any weigh but it's only been a month.

I'm convinced it's some kind of infection but not sure. Will an ultrasound pick up infections as well as malignant things such as bowel cancer (which is rare in my age bracket) but still really concerning. ?


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