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Groin pain, acid reflux

Hi guys.

A bit of a long post but I'd like extra advice! I have been to the doctors numerous times and seem to be getting nowhere!

I am a 34year old male.

I've been suffering with bad acid reflux for about 3 or 4 years. I have been taking Lansoprazole for about 3 years now, but the acid problems are still bad.

Recently I've really been struggling with energy levels, mentally fatigued as well as physically.

I have just had various blood tests: B12 deficiency, liver function etc.

The results came back all ok.

Anyone else suffered with similar?

Just recently I've had groin and back pains. My testicles went through a period of about a week where they tingled. That has stopped but my groin still feels tight and the pain goes down my left leg a bit.

I have penis pain in the top, possibly urethra but it's hard to tell as it doesn't really hurt to touch it.

I have been tested (again) for gonherrea and chlamydia, both were negative. I also had an HIV test.... All ok!

I do a manual job with lots and lots of lifting/bending which has given me a bad back (as well as aggravating the acid reflux)

My back is particularly bad at the moment , corresponding to the groin pains. Do you think they are linked?

I have had back pains before that have made me lose an erection almost instantly!

Sorry for the long post, but I spend so much time at the doctors and feel like I'm getting fobbed off.... Just looking for any suggestions/advice/reassurance!


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This is probably a knee jerk reaction from me as I'm very involved as this is my condition . Ask your doctors to think about NETS . GP's don't think about this condition but you have a range of different symptoms even down to the mental thing and tiredness etc . This obviously could be anything but you do tick the boxes . Probably isn't but just make sure your GP does THE TESTING . Think probably have to ask for scans ? I'm actually worried about posting this reply but after reading lots of info about how this is missed I think it's better to be upfront .. mine was diagnosed after minor rectal bleeding but quite often that isn't the case .. read about NETS ... I guess you want some answers so don't be freaked out just get the testing done .



I'm open to any suggestions right now!

I'll look into it and go back to them about testing


What does your GP say about all this, Luke? Sounds like you've been doing the rounds of specialists. Would it be helpful to sit down with your GP (or talk on the phone if your surgery does this) about what's been going on and try to get a way forward.


have they discussed Prostatitis? all symptoms other than reflux seem to match.


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