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Adult Circumcision-Shaft of penis swelling


It has been 2 days since I had a circumcision. I am 19 years old and needed to have one due to phimosis. I expected there to be some swelling post surgery of course but so far it seems to be the skin of the entire shaft that is swollen. Basically i can clearly see the head of my penis so thats good but below it is blown up like a balloon. I haven't seen anyone else reporting that this area is swollen and I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this, If it is normal to swell up here, or if its worth me going back to a doctor.

This balloon like swelling isn't painful or tender to touch anymore, and I'm thinking its just swelling from the stitches, but to me it just looks so wrong and as I said i haven't seen anyone else report anything like this.

If anyone can over any advice or personal experiences, I would greatly appreciate.


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I'm on day 3 and the shaft nearest the glans is about twice the size of the shaft nearest the body. You have to bear in mind that it's been through the equivalent of a gangland fight on the operating table so swelling and bruising (mine's black and blue) is to be expected. I'm taking ibuprofen to alleviate the swelling and giving it cold compresses to help it heal. I'm expecting it to be like this for a week or more. I've read that some people can experience oedema (swelling due to fluid retention) as well. Give it time and it should repair itself.

No wonder i felt like i had a bloated dick lol

Yeah im thinking it might be filled with fluid as when I press it, it isn't firm or tender but more like a fluid sack, soft and squishy. I think it has gotten smaller today. I'll try the cold compression as well, i've been too scared to put anything near the wound site lol. Thanks for the reassurance!

I'd keep the cold compression away from the stitches area if possible. Need to keep them nice and clean and dry. 1-2 minute dips in warm salt water followed by an antibiotic ointment on the wound/stitches twice a day should help if you are still bleeding. Cold compression feels soothing, but don't expect an immediate visible result ... it all takes time.

I’m on day 5 Post, the swelling is normal too early to be worrying. Looked like someone punched the bottom of my penis. Cold compression helps as well as keeping it nice and clean.

I keep on bleeding during the night as well from either getting slightly erect or lying awkwardly and aggravating the stitches. Either way its pretty traumatic right now. Ill try the cold packs and see if that helps. Thanks!

Same here, it’s normal. Make sure it’s dry after shower. I’ve been cleaning twice a day and putting neosporin but I’ve also been staying naked most of the day. Day 6 for me now I’ve notice swelling going down a little bit and seems good. Stitches will be annoying.

You should have taken bed rest for the firat few days after the op, so your scar position is uppering your heart. Thats prevent swelling

Swelling is normal. It could last several months.

JayB13 in reply to jimfromcalif

I just past the 6th month of swelling... Hopefully it will go down soon.. It's still a bit swollen. I've recently decided to out triple antibiotic ointment on my swelled up ring and hopefully it will completely subside...

jimfromcalif in reply to JayB13

The use unnecessary use of antibiotics is not good. Nature has to take its course in healing.

JayB13 in reply to jimfromcalif

Can you check out my pictures to see if it is indeed normal? or did anything tear like the stitches or something post cirucm? the pictures are in my profile...

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