Swelling after circumcition

Hi guys, i'm 30 yrs of age and i had my circumcition done on the 1st of November and i have been to the doctor who did performed the operation five days after and he told me that everything was fine i then asked him about the swollen ring under the below the head of my penis and he replied by telling me that i should not worry it will go away and he further said people react differently when it comes to healing but till to date there has been no improvement the swelling is still there and the stitches has fallen off but only a few are left and im no longer feeling pain unless i press hard, i am now worried because of the swelling that wouldnt go away, what if the swelling doesnt go away, anyone had a similar problem? Any suggestions or tips?

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  • The swelling will go away. Give it time.

  • Did you experience the same problem if i may ask?

  • Yes. Swelling should come down especially now that the stitches are coming out.

  • How long will it take sir?

  • There is no set time for the swelling to come down. It is different from one person to another.

  • a month or so is not unusual

  • I've had the same problem with my operation. I had a swollen ring under the head. Just wait, it will go away. Mine took 1 month and ~20 days to go down after the stiches were dissolved and it's still going.

  • Thanx a lot guys i appreciate your replies, so i think i should also wait as well

  • Call the doctor now to see what he thinks.

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