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Unable to climax


I'm new to this site :-)

I'm a 37 year old guy, married with 3 children.

Over the last few months I've been unable to climax during intercourse. There's no problem getting an erection or keeping it but there's just no climax. I can feel I'm getting close though.

It's very frustrating for both of us and it's starting to put me off sex (which is a big deal for my wife as she has a high sex drive)

I also have tight foreskin which doesn't cause much of a problem but when the skin gets pulled back during sex it can sometimes be quite painful causing red / cracked skin after sex. I then have to wait a few days before trying again to give it time to heal.

Any advice would be great.


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Personally i would think that it is in your mind, when your at it, think of the woman you are with or someone you fancy and not what your worrying you.



I would be thinking of anything that has occurred in my life since the period of non orgasm started. There must have been a tigger either mental or physical. The problem of the tight foreskin is this something recent. It needs to be sorted out and the fact you are getting pain during intercourse and the reality of the damage may psychologically be affecting you cumming.


Dear MrArjay

I would go to an andrologist to have my foreskin checked. He may prescribe you something or advise you to be circumcised. Do not go on in having painful intercourses. My feeling anyway is not that the problem is in your foreskin. You don't say if you ejaculate normally at the end of the intercourse or not. This could better orientate the diagnostic hypothesis in your case.

If you normally ejaculate I think the problem should be entirely psychological. If you do not ejaculate it can be a clue that something is going wrong with your ejaculation reflex.

As usual, I advise to consult a specialist. A good andrologist first, who can examine your foreskin and consider if there is something wrong with your ejaculation reflex (if you cannot ejaculate). A psychology consultant could also be helpful when you have excluded any organic problem.

I agree that you should examine your last months of life and see if there has been some "psychological trauma" that could inhibit your achieving the orgasm.

I'm Nick, an Italian medical doctor. My advice comes from my study and not from my experience because I do not practise as a physician but I'm a University researcher and teacher. Feel free to contact me again if you like.

Bye. Nick


Here's the Wiki on it

At your age psychological factors are most likely

See if you can manage with masturbation with good lubrication

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Hi, If you can ejaculate through masturbation the problem as others have suggested will probably be psychological. This in itself should not be a problem, it happens to many. However it could be due to the tight foreskin. I had a similar problem and would advise to have yourself checked by a Dr. However do not go for a circumcision as an easy option.

Good Luck


Good advice.


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