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Tight foreskin


im 15 and I'm a bit worried about my penis because my foreskin doesn't go all he way back and is usually painful if it does go back I can only get it a bit out before it hurts and it looks like there's some skin attatched to the head. If I wear a condom during sex it doesn't hurt but any other time it's painful what should I do?

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At 15 years you are doing sex ? Well .If it doesn't hurt during penetration (it should not due to lubrication ) , it's okay . If it hurts or you want oral sex (which is not a must requirement ) then you can go for circumcision. Get it inspected by a good surgeon . You may also try to apply bit of some steroid cream like Betnovate -C and masturbate to see if the hitch is gone . It may or may not. But the glans should be clean and washed properly , otherwise foul smell and infection may happen due to smegma . Why are you thinking of the penis only?. There are many many other things to do in this world .Penis is for urination and for intercourse .If both happens without pain , what's the problem?

You will see many questions on here about tight foreskin, including from myself.

The general opinion is try gentle stretching and possible steroid creams.

I reached age 52 before needing a circumcision and that was due to other health reasons. It is not something I would personally recommend. At your age I would not worry too much. Give it a couple of years then see your GP if you still worried. Pull back gently during bathing and shower, in private, to help cleaning.

Good luck and be careful.

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Hi there mate just seemed like you had a good sense of knowledge on this topic so I thought I’d reply to you. Without an erection my foreskin will go back no bother at all, all the way. Although with an erection it reaches about half way then it won’t go any further I don’t suffer any pain though but it just won’t go all the way? Any tips? Think I’m too embarrassed to go to the GP aswell as I would like to try get online tips before going to see someone.

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Providing you can pull back enough to clean and it is not painful you probably do not have an issue. There are loads of posts on here on this subject. The most common advice is gentle stretching of the foreskin while in the bath or shower. Some creams are available which may help though I cannot recommend any. Speaking for myself, my foreskin only ever pulled back when having unprotected sex with my wife to be. And then, it has to be said, it was quite painful the first couple of times. At this point I was in my late twenties and had never seen it as a problem. Everything worked and felt as it should.

If I where you I would try the stretching but do not worry about it. If it really is a problem for you, go and see your Doc. They really have seen it all before, and you can ask for a male Dr if you prefer. Believe me having been through it for potential Penile cancer you soon begin to realise you may as well be showing them a foot or hand !

The extreme cure would be a circumcision but I would treat this as a last resort. Good luck

Dear Josh

you are very young indeed. Your problem may sort out spontaneously with time. However, I advice you to go to a good andrologist, who can advice you for the best treatment. The option could be: 1. wait and see. 2. apply some cream and do some excercise to enlarge your foreskin. 3. minor surgery (full circumcision is not the only option) 4. Circumcision.

Of course you have to be able to wash well your penis and you mustn't have pain during masturbation or sexual intercourse. But in any case I would advise you to go to an andrologist. Maybe also your paediatrician could help you in the decision.

When I was a child I was phimotic. At your age the problem was almost sorted out spontaneously: I had only little difficulty when in erection (my foreskin strecthed a little bit). I became sexually active at 18 and I had no more problem. Now I'm 53 and no problem at all. So you see, it may resolve spontaneously. But be courageous and go to a doctor for advice. I'm Nick, I'm italian (so my english could sound a little strange!). Be quiet. Many teenagers have your problem. I served in the Italian army for an year as a nurse, and I saw many boys 18-22 year-old with phimosis. Someone was not even aware to be phimotic!

So it is a common situation. You have to deal with it anyway. Don't let your phimosis condition your sexual life. Don't be ashamed. Your penis is OK. It just requires a little more care.

If you had to undergo circumcision, don't be afraid. A circumcised penis is fully functional and even esthetically good. If the doctor advice you to undergo circumcision it is because he thinks that once circumcised your penis will function better than now. Let me know if you like. Nick

Lots of other comments on here about similar problems. Have a look at the other replies


Why do people on here think this guy is having sex he's 15 years old young people do sometimes get problems with there penis's doesn't mean there having sex this problem this young guy as happens to a lot of young guys.

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read the last sentence of his post, which seems to indicate he is having sex

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Oops sorry re read what he wrote.


Hi there, on the Men's Health Forum, there's information on phimosis (tight foreskin) here:


There is a lot you can do. So have a read.

As others have said, there's also a lot more on the forum you're on right now - ie. healthunlocked.com/menshealth - so plenty of people you can chat to.

Good luck.

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