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How to perform soft penetration/ it may help your ED


Hello, I'm Nick, Italian, 53.

I've posted some advice to all men and women who want to practice slow sex and soft penertration. Here I'll give some advice especially to men. Soft penetration can be an altermative for men who have normal erections, and can be something of a treatment for men who have ED.

Soft penetration means to slip your flaccid (or better semi-hard) penis in her vagina. Yes, it is possible, and very pleasant for both the man and the woman.

A few tips. For men.

Prolong the preliminaries. Women love preliminaries. Do not worry about your erection. If it comes, well, if it doesn't come, good all the same.

Work well with your fingers, your tongue, your lips on her vulva, especially around her clitoris. She will probably become very excited. She will secrete her natural vaginal lubricant. Your saliva can help too. If she is not well lubricated, put lubricant on you penis and in her vulva.

Take a "deep penetration position" (type "deep penetration position" on goggle and search for images). Gently slip your flaccid or semi-hard penis into her vagina. Yes, it is possible! Many women may even prefer soft penetration to hard penetration, because the latter can be a little traumatic for them.

At this point, your penis could become hard. It is wonderful for the man and the woman. You can go on with a "normal" intercourse. Or you can stay still and enjoy the intimacy for a long time.

What if your penis refuses to become hard? Well, enjoy the strict intimacy for a long time, staying still, all the same. A magic atmosphere can come out.

This is an ancient tantric practice.

Men affected by any kind of ED can practice soft penetration. Women often like it. Avoiding the worry for erection, several men can overcome their psychological-driven ED. Of course any man with ED should look for advice at a good andrologist, who can for example prescribe a good medicament for them. But in the meantime, practising soft penetration can make them more conscious of their sexual possibilities and help them to acquire more self-confidence.

Of course be careful of sexual transmitted diseases. Oral sex can be as dangerous as seual intercourse. So my advice is to have sex anyway in a safe way. Avoid occasional intercourse. Be sure your partner is safe.

For women. Please be patient with your man, if he suffers from ED. Your attitude can help a lot a man in difficulty. Advise your man to go to a good andrologist. He will probably give your man good advice and medications in order to overcome ED. In the meantime, try to enjoy soft penetration, either if your man suffers or not form ED. It is a much more feminine-centered way of having sex. You will probably like it very much, especially if you do not consider the myth that good sex strictly requires hard erections. Try slow sex, and you will experience something new and probably more satisfatory for you!

Thanks for your attention


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Good advice Nick

nickItaly in reply to jaglad

Dear Jaglad

I wrote this post because I saw several men asking for help about ED. When I was young impotence had not even to be mentioned. It was considered a shame and a guilt and it was suspected of homosexuality. Today men are a little bit more open to talk about their sexual problems. It is important to realise that ED is medical condition that can be treated and often cured. Everyone has experienced at least a "flop" in his life. And with aging flops become more frequent. Men must get used to go to the andrologist as women go to the gynecologist. Our genital apparatus must be checked regularly and without any embarrassment.

Old techniques can help overcome ED at least their psychological aspects.

Also premature ejaculation is a very common disturb. Who can deny he has ever suffered for it?

Also in this case the andrologist is very helpful but also psychology and again some ancient sexual practises from tantra or tao.

Thanks for your attention.


Grais in reply to nickItaly

Huge thanks for the great tips! I practice soft penetration and it helps very much. Since I started using very low dose of magic meds (Via*ra and Cia*is), I'm not only able to have slow sex. I'm able to have sex over and over again for as long as it lasts. And now it's not so soft. :)

My insurance won't cover Via and Cia, so I get them online. This is website where I found them:

Coupon code "SAL10E" to get 10% off. Good Luck.

nickItaly in reply to Grais