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Small Penis at age 19. Very Concerened


Hey, im currently age 19 and my penis is just really strange and i dont know what to do. when im soft is really really small like you can only see the head but when im hard its like 4 and a half inches.. My voice is deep, pubic hair, facial hair, arm pit hit but still i dont know why.. if i can remember correctly i can remember getting stung on my sack when i was a little kid but i cant remember.

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The sting very likely has NO direct effect on your adult penis size.

Honestly, 4.5 inches hard is still enough to penetrate and I don't think it would be a problem, however, this is a diagnosable medical issue called micropenis. If you are overweight or used to be overweight, sometimes, you could have a "hidden penis" that is hidden under the mons pubis area which is above your pubic bone. Liposuction on the mons pubis area can easily fix that issue. There is also "webbed penis" which is when your scrotum attaches high up to your penis, sometimes as high as up to the glans of the penis. This can act as an illusion that makes your penis look shorter than it actually is. Removing the webbing from the scrotum would "increase" the size that you would be able to see, but not really increase the size of the penis.

I personally had the webbed penis issue and recently got a circumcision with scrotoplasty (for the webbing) which fixed the webbed penis issue.

But honestly, I don't think a urologist would be able to help you since 4.5 inches is not considered "micropenis." Maybe a plastic surgeon can help you.

There is also other "penis lengthening" surgeries that I would never consider such as suspensory ligament release which could increase your length as much as 1 inch. However this is very risky and I wouldn't recommend it. There aren't that many surgeons that do it for a reason.

I would say just be happy with what you have. While you may not be too huge when you are flaccid, that is pretty normal for many men. However, you are 4.5 inches erect so I think you are fine.


i just guessed the size erect but im pretty sure its altest 4 inch min. but ima be honest since im anon, im still a virgin and ive never touched a girl just scared shell laugh or even just walk out . thats even if i ever even got one to talk to me ...

Edit your initial post and show us an image of your erect penis if you can. It would be helpful. But honestly, I think your fine. I know the average penis size is around 5 inches, but after all, it is an AVERAGE. That means some have to be smaller than that, some are bigger than 5.

i cant tonight, but what im saying is if infinally get a girl and she asks me to take off my pants and its just a head until hard... how can u fix that?

I would say than try to get erect before taking your pants off, or tell her to wait until you are hard. If she leaves, than she is obviously not someone who you want to be with and she must have been watching way too much porn because not everyone is 8-10 inches erect.


Thanks! take care

i just wanted to make sure i didnt have a dysfunction that coudlnt be fixed

All of us deal with someone like that in our life. Don't sweat it. If she has a problem, tell her to hit the road! There are plenty of fish in the sea.

I change my mind.. I believe it is only 3 inches max on erect

Show us a picture when erect. it would help

I can in about 30 mins

Ryanr in reply to j_flow230

Porn stars don’t have 8/10 inches it’s purely just the camera angles making them look bigger

arnold18 in reply to AnonViper57

mine is like 5 inches and its unfuckable because the tip hasn't grown i cant pull the skin over it and i cant even start to talk to a girl

and when not errect its maybe less then a inch

A girl doesn't like or dislike ya because of the size of your penis. And if she does, you better run away from her.

They usually don’t tell you they’re unsatisfied until after you treat them like crap! Then you will hear it all after the breakup 🤣. I just laugh and keep it moving .

If you're worried about size then go see your doctor and tell him of your concerns, don't be shy about that, if there is an underlying issue better to have it looked at now. As for being shy with girls. If and when you get intimate, you'll fool around long before you take your clothes off so don't worry. And never try to hide your issue, be honest. Most people do understand. This sort of thing affects your confidence a lot, so speak to your doctor first and work from there.

Unfortunately without having surgery there’s nothing you can do not creams, pumps or remedies are going to change the size of your penis.

A form of surgery could though but we are not all the some some are smaller some are larger just use and learn to love what you have 👍

allstar1979 in reply to Ryanr

It’s not the size of the boat but the pump in the chump!

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similar i might be 5 or so when im really hard just under six like wtf lol but i once had a tick on my dick i ve had a small penis all my life i wonder if people can see through my clothes andd tell lol sad

Same 😭

i have a 4- 5- 6 inch penis and have had sex endless times 1 was really good so worry but it'll happen

At 19 your penis will be fully grown and is unlikely to get any larger . You should go to see your doctor and get it checked but it is likely you just have a small penis but small penis works a well as a bigger one . Some sexual positions work better for men with smaller cocks but just get outcry here and have aex with as many women as you can . Some will have had larger inside them and some not but you will still be able to satisfy them - have fun with your cock

Hey bro, You’re allgoods man. Im 19 too and my penis is pretty small and I know it’s embarrassing but it still does the work 😉 the trick is to never show her when you’re soft just wait till you are fully stiffed then pull your penis out ✊🏾

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