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Erection troubles


For a couple years now I’ve had certain periods of times in my life where there will be a week where I can’t get it up enough for sex or anything. I’ve had no trouble with getting it up for most of my life except for certain periods like this week. It’s completely floppy and will get semi-hard but never enough for penetration. Can’t be ED cause it’s only at certain times, I need answers cause this is affecting me bigtime. Thank you!

Edit: I will try all of what you say and I will get back with any results, as I am 17 I was very worried because of how young I am, thank you everyone!

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Are you under a lot of emotional or other kind of stress? That can be a contributing factor. You know what they say sometimes, mind over body.

diablorolla in reply to Cipher

Not stressing about anything recently, I don’t have a very good diet would that be playing a factor?


It's very common. ED affects every man at some point in his life and 1 in 10 at any given time. As other posts suggest, short terms bouts could well be down to stress but get it checked out. GPs have heard it all before. Read:

Thank you so much, will do!


Try to exercise regularly and this will increase your blood flow. Take a zinc supplement too - 15mg a day should do. Try different forms of stimulation. Try not to worry - easy to say mate but worry doesn’t help.

diablorolla in reply to Hidden

Definitely need to start exercising a little more! Thank you everyone!

Speaking from experience, a lot could be from anxiety if you have that at all, and dirt can definetly be a factor. Bananas are good for sex drive and garlic. Try and exercise regularly too. I notice myself if I'm lazy and eat bad and don't do much it doesn't seem to get as hard or stay as hard. Just relax, watch what you eat, and exercise alittle more.

I noticed bananas really help me. Maybe it can help you, garlic too. If you ever need to talk msg me man. Hope it all works out for you

It happens, but at 17, you should be good as a bunny all the time. Are you with a new partner or with several partners. Worried about pregnancy?

A little new but I’ve been good with her for about 6 months and haven’t really been worried about pregnancy, we take precautions

What drugs are you currently taking? Any of them coincide with the erectile problem?

Not that I know of, only some sort of acne medication that I was told have no side effects with anything in that nature

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