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Circumcision : Is this normal?


Hey guys,

It’s been 10 days since my circumcision and I have to say things are looking pretty good. Everything is healing up nicely, I do often get erections since I haven’t masturbated for 2 weeks now and tried to slowly stimulate my penis. Now, I have stitches that’ll dissolve by themselves, but does this look normal? Erections aren’t painful whatsoever but the way. The wound you see on the base of the scar was a piece of flesh that died off and is healing now.

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Looks like it’s healing well and I think everything looks nice

Hi Luuk, it still looks very normal! After about two weeks you can remove the stitches even if they are dissolving cos if you don't do it you can get ugly stitch tunnels.

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I wouldn't suggest removing the stitches himself by the 2nd week as people might be healing differently and he might be taking longer than others. Only after consulting the doctor should you, in my opinion, attempt to take them out. I don't believe there is really a threat of "permanent scarring" from stitches unless they are kept in longer than a month or so? Don't quote me on that. What I am basically saying, better to consult with your doc instead of deciding yourself you should take them out, just in case.

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I agree that he better consults his doctor before he actually removes the stitches.

Thanks for the advice guys! I’ll call my doctor first in that case then to see what she has to say. Just wanted to quickly also say that I appreciate you guys helping me and others around here :). You do sorta get thrown into the dark when it comes to the whole healing process, so having people like you guys who can give you some affirmation as to how things are going is really comforting! Thanks!

At least you don't have any HUGE swelling🙌

It looks normal and OK.

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